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Animated Spline UV Mapping

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I've animated a mushroom growing by keyframing a spline inside a lathe.

Now that I've animated it, I want to UV texture it but when I set current state to object it loses the animation.

Is there any way to keep the animation after turning it into an editable object?

Project attached for reference.

Mushroom Test.c4d

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No. If you are animating properties that are specifically part of a procedural setup, then of course the animation will disappear if you make that editable, and kill all the previously animatable properties. There is (and can be) no way to avoid that without choosing a different method of animation, like for example pose morph.


However both a lathe and a cylinder come with decent UVs out of the box, so after reversing point order on the spline to make those UVs not calculate backwards, that should give you a texturable result.




But if you need to UV unwrap this specifically, then I think you will need to find another way to animate the movement.



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