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Image Projection to Back of Glass Orb...

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Hey all, happy to be here with a question and guidance. I've searched for a couple of days and can't seem to figure this out,...


I currently have a simple glass orb that that will be snow globe esque with objects inside. I'd like to project an image on the inside as a scene that will rotate and move with the orb itself (not sure the correct term for this sorry).

Don't have access to the c4d file currently but I'm good with instructions and can dive in when I'm back at the PC.


Appreciate even the reading of this!!

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We need to clear up with your model should be hollow, like snow globes are (or filled with liquid for example) or if you are trying to make a purely solid glass sphere. These things are not the same, and nor is the 3D approach to making them !


If you are building a snow globe, you need to build it as they are built in the real world - ie you'll be needing a HOLLOW shell with wall thickness, not a solid glass orb. Both Cinema and RS will see a sphere as being solid unless it has internal walls, which means light won't behave as you expect, hence its importance.


But once you have that built, it is a relatively trivial process to select a section of the internal wall, and split that off into its own separate object, and given its own (tiny) thickness so it can be easily textured with whatever you want to use as a background. that would then sit just inside the inner walls of your sphere.


Whereas if we are building a solid glass orb, then the same strategy applies but you don't need the inner walls. however you DO still need the separate background object to hang inside it.


I was confused by the next bit of your question - you want to 'project' an image somehow ? how is that different from just applying a texture to the background surface ? Will need some additional explanation there to understand what you mean - the backgrounds of these things are usually static, so don't move in relation to the container... perhaps you mean something else ?


Photo reference is always helpful if you can't provide a scene file... perhaps you could upload some of that ?



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Thank you so much for the detailed reply, happy Monday!

I've attached the working file here for reference...


In re to the globe: I've gotten hollowed out using a cloth surface object and added thickness to it. I have a "floor" inside the globe that'll be water eventually (fingers crossed).

To try and clarify where I'm stuck: I have an image (also attached) that I'd like to have act as a background image inside the globe, like an inner wallpaper, but when the globe moves or rotates, and subsequently all objects within, the image will always appear to be static.


I feel like this is something for camera mapping perhaps?

Glass Orb.c4d

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