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22FPS Empty Viewport, Crashes. Specs: RTX 3090, AMD 5950X, Latest Studio Drivers

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Can anyone help me increase my performance? I swear this has to be a wrong checkbox ticked somewhere, because I'm getting 22FPS in the Viewport when I'm moving the camera around. I just upgrade the studio graphics drivers 5 minutes ago and it still crawls on even an empty project. Any suggestions?


Moving the camera around a bunch and clicking a few random buttons will make the program freeze as well. 


Things I have tried:

1. Making sure Windows is up to date.

2. Made sure all background applications are off. 

3. Made sure Edit > Preferences > OpenGL was checked to use Hardware. 



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Good idea on this though thanks for the suggestion I'll float that to my boss. 

Woops, didn't see that!

Oh, then you should give me a visit. Here in my machine the RAM seems dying currently. And I get all sorts of effects, I wouldn't have thought possible before. Even so strange I wasn't even suspecting

Well, this could be R19 issue in this case. Its pretty old so it technology and if nothing helps from what you have mention then I am afraid nothing will. Hard to say!

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Unfortunately I can't get my boss to approve funding for the later versions. It's fixing this or using my older GPUs in my work system an hour drive away. Any tips people have would be appreciated, it'd save me ~40 hours a month of driving. 

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Well what you can do is to buy one moth subscribtion and simply test is out. At least you will know for sure is that an issue. Also , I dont have a card you have so I cant really help you more than to suggesting this.


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2 minutes ago, DasFrodo said:

How many objects do you have in your scene?

C4D chokes hard with many objects. Polys are no issue.

He wrote "even on an empty scene"...so I would say none! 

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Came here to say what Igor did ! Although in theory a 3090 'should' run fine with older versions of Cinema, there wouldn't be much you could do if it didn't, other than upgrade to a more recent version, preferably R23+.



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