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Will there be a C4D R24?


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Maxon is following the rules and laws of economics principles. In this world, «gratitude» is a foreign word. Financially, a company lives in the present and in the future, the past has no relevance.

No, I meant R24. I thought there would be a version called that, since I have R23.
Ok, so let me rephrase my question: Does anyone know if there will be a perpetual version released this autumn, like it has been the last years? I have purchased all Studio versions since R13.


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You can only hope that next release will have perpetual licence available.  And next release will be R25 probably around September as usual. And because Redshift going only subscription, its hard to say will there be R25 perpetual licence.  

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Where do you have this information from?
You cannot trust anyone, any longer. Almost exactly two years ago, I had an e-mail correspondence with someone at Redshift. And that person at Redshift said it would be business as usual, that the Maxon acquisition would not interfere with Redshift's way of doing business. 
And now we are here in 2021, and Redshift has decided to do the subscription, they too.

To me, and many others, a subscription model may be money out of the window. Renting software is not for me, I must own it.
BTW, your signature says that you have C4D R24. Shouldn't it be S24?


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It is how it has been for quite a while now. R21 was a full september release with perpetual licences, 22 was subscription-only. 23 was a full release, 24 was subscription-only, 25 will be a full release probably around september like the last 2 decades.


The redshift rep said the maxon merger wont change any plans. Maybe they were right, maybe they were planning to go subscription-only in 2021 regardless of the buyout.


I use R20 for my day to day work because the studio i'm at hasn't seen any reason to upgrade, but I also have 24. Who cares about the letter that a marketing department stuck in front of the number?

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1 hour ago, Icecaveman said:

Subscription supremacists rule. 

So glad I jumped off @R20. 

Maxon is following the rules and laws of economics principles. In this world, «gratitude» is a foreign word.
Financially, a company lives in the present and in the future, the past has no relevance. Faithful customers may be of interest, as long as they stay faithful and generate revenue. It is obvious that the subscription model is what counts now. All over the place.

For me it is a tragedy. For several reasons. I am a C++ programmer and have developed several C4D Extensions (plug-ins) which enhances C4D a lot for me. Besides of that, I am a «hobbyist» and use C4D for nonprofit projects only.   My profession is programming.
 The subscription model means that I cannot retire, and use what I already have paid for. It is money out of the window.

I jumped the Adobe ship, when they started this, and am stuck with the Adobe Creative Suite CS 6. Almost ten years old now.
Additional problems arise in the software world. I have purchased several versions of the Mocha  Planar Tracker. Paid versions who I own. Now, Boris has acquired Mocha, and put it on the subscription wagon. This means that the license mechanism is broken, and that I cannot move my Mocha software to a new machine, when I upgrade my hardware. This is horrible, to put it mildly.
One may wonder when this happens to my C4D versions, I have them all, C4D Studio full paid from R13 and on..


There are several reasons for this change to the subscription model. One of them, not often mentioned, is that software nowadays eventually has become mature. I can use a ten years old version of Photoshop, it works like magic, and has so many nice features that I will hardly explore and take advantage of more than a fraction of them. The same applies to C4D, and not the least to the aforementioned Mocha Planar Tracker.
So the customers may want to skip a version or two. Or five. Which means revenue losses for the software houses.

The only way for hem to keep money coming in, then, is to turn their customers into hostages. Also called subscribers.


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I think after the RS subscription news it is quite obvious, that r25 will come with redshift. There maybe is a 5ü% chance that there is a perpetaul C4D Version. I guess with a price increase. The c4d RS subscription is going to end and will be replaced by the regular c4D subscription (with redshift included and mor expensive then the former c4d subscription). This way they can publish another version with few new features because readshift is the "new" feature. This way they can fight through the new core. We will see.

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