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Connecting objects faster than simply eyeballing - is there a way?


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Hi All, 
Thanks in advance for any tips on this. Does anyone know of a way to quickly bring an object over to another object, say after cloning a little piece and needing to move it, and let me explain a bit the nuance here. When I ctrl-drag and create a duplicate of an object and I want to move it across the screen to meet up with another object, I find my self dragging it across the viewer using the move tool, fiddling and fumbling about in perspective mode to get it into position and of course this is tricky! I imagine one could enter the XYZ position values of the destination object, but that seems as much trouble as dragging it over. I know this is a common problem and I'm sure there is a faster way to move an object in one move to its destination. To be clear, I'm not talking about aligning or snapping, vertex snapping, etc. I'm looking to get the object over across the scene close enough to another object to perhaps start snapping, but hoping with one click to conquer that big block of space one needs to cross first. 

I imagined selecting a point or quad on the surface of the destination object, then being able to select the other whole object to be moved and then clicking to bring them together roughly in the same space, no matter how far apart. Does this make sense? I think I saw someone mention a tip in a YouTube tutorial, maybe eyedesign or digital meat, but can't remember now! Thanks. 

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Yep, that, or Reset PSR is the way to go here after temporary parenting....


Of course, should you upgrade to S24 you would find the Dynamic Place tool would allow you to just pick up stuff and drag it there, which is incredibly quick and easy to use to put one thing on the surface of another.



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