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Selecting every Nth point on a static spline


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Hi all,


I'm looking for a way to select every Nth point along a spline. 

Same would go for a static mesh.


It's something that there seems to be a wealth of tutorials on, if we're talking about using the Formula Effector on Mograph objects, but where are the tutorials for this for addressing simple static objects?


Guessing there might be an Xpresso solution somewhere - but I haven't figured it out yet.


Any help would be massively appreciated!




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Thanks for the response! Cool solution, though my aim was ultimately to Break and Delete Nth points, rather than transform them. I guess I should have mentioned this in the first place 😳. I do wonder though if there's an Xpresso-based solution that would allow your node-network to select the actual points (or rather, see the actual points selected / yellow-highlighted in your viewport - not sure what the difference is, technically). I would have thought a 'Point Selection' tag could be dragged into the Xpresso window and would have some Input port that would allow you to feed the activated point id numbers into it so you could get a visual of it in your viewport, though this doesn't seem to be the case.


In any event, I ended up finding a very simple but workable solution using the Point Selection tag in conjunction with Formula Field ( mod(id;x)=0 ).

File attached.


Thanks again!





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