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Picture viewer much brighter than viewport

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I am having an issue as  a new artist that I haven't encountered yet.

The viewport render is how I intent the piece to be. When I go to render in picture viewer the scene is significantly brighter and lacking shadows.

There are two screen attached.

Initially I though it was something to do with the settings between the two?

Do I need to do some baking?

You can see the gradient on the Lemon is also wrong compared to how I have it set up in the viewport. 


White Lemon.png

Screenshot 2021-07-25 203111.jpg

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The latest version of octane has screwed up image colour profiles. You can either roll back to a previous release or just avoid the features which make it look like garbage. In short, certain combinations of rendering colour profile, bit depth and alpha channel settings will cause the image to render incorrectly in the picture viewer. Avoid using straight alpha channels, these are guaranteed to screw up your renders.


Regarding the gradient, again these simply go wrong sometimes. Open the node view, right click the gradient and and try switching it between OSL mode or baked one, one or the other often fixes it.



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