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Re-UVmap a megascan and take the textures with it?

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My title probably makes no sense because I don't really know how to describe it. I'm sure you've all seen how the texture maps and the uv map for megascans come out as a bunch of puzzle pieces? I have a model where I'd like to do some work to the texture image, but it's basically impossible with it all split apart like that. Is there a way to re-unwrap the UV to make it all connected? 

I've attached the texture



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I have my own plugin that can do that. But I am not selling it at the moment. I will check with some of my own megascans later tonight and see how it goes on something like this.


It requires UV mapping your object again however and ensuring their are no overlapping uvs. Then doing the texture transfer.


If my solution works well then I will let you know and you could send me your c4d file and textures via Dropbox or something. I can then UV map it and do the texture transfer for you.


To see what my system does you can watch the video at the bottom of this page. 



But you could also just use the Projection Painting system in C4D itself though. You don’t need to worry about the UVs or how the textures look then.

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Thanks for the response KBAR! If you could sort it out that would be awesome. I have a cery basic understanding of how projection painting works, and can't quite put together how I can achieve what I'm trying to do with it. I'll try and do more research.

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Hi @Tread


Unfortunately my remapping solution is not working as well as I would like it to so I can't remap your textures for you. However depending on what you actually want to paint on your models my painting tools may help. I could send you a copy if your interested.


Although your model looks to be very heavily broken up in the UV space, so the pixel resolution available to you to paint on will be quite limited. Especially since a 1/4 of your texture space is not even utilized at all.





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Maybe this trick from Rocket lass could help you out, looks to be about an hour and 15 mins into the vid where they start talking about mapping a texture from one object onto another by having a slightly bigger copy of the object around a simpler and UVed model. This model has a 100% reflective surface which sees the only the slightly bigger copy.

Sounds a bit abstract now Ive typed it but its all clear in the video, possibly / probably only works for certain subjects.




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That rocket lassoo technique is brilliant. Has anyone tried doing the same re-projection of the normals map too? 

(I'm about to start retopologising a scan and it seems a shame to chuck the normals data away)

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