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SHRAIN - Shrapnel Rainer (granade-drone for game engines)

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hi, i done a project that i do as a course project for teaching my students. its about design and modelling. adding here for feedback. what will be better, colors, materials or any other feedback are good to me. 


other renders and a video are in artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/28Ra8x





SHRAIN is a suicide drone concept in shape of hand grenade. SHRAIN is shorten from is Shrapnel Rainer. Actually i do it for my design and modeling course. Main target was making a realistic looking drone-grenade model for game engine. Also side target was a designing of mechanically correct and logically workable structure. 




Project was done in workflow: 
idea - references - concepting, silhouette and blocking - drafting (read 1,2,3) - high poly - low poly - uv - bake - painting - animating - rendering.

Design and drone mechanism info:

1- For now, SHRAIN has only 1 Shrapnel  shell mod but more shrapnel shell mods are coming soon. Current shell can raining hundreds of little shrapnels (around 800 pcs.). and raining of them can immobilize-kill lot of enemies in wide area.  But other (coming soon) shells can be contain marbles/shards or bigger shrapnel cuts. Also i have another ideas for future design.

2- work chain of drone:  Open cover and reveal red button on top. Press it for 1 time (hold it 3 sec if you planning cold start from ground) and frag it to air. It will automatically open explosive blocks via screw rod mechanism that powered by a step motor (in central body). When bottom mechanism holder goes below, its releases motor holders. Than upper mechanism pushes arms to sides because of big springs tension. Tip of diagonal support parts are releasing lock of arm sliders. Inside part of arm also have own tension spring and its energy pushes inner arms to outside. When arms goes outside, propellers are releasing from ther own lock. So all of this goes in few secs of fly and after this procces drone flys with own power and seeks enemy or detonates via by pilots remote control.

its can be a good in game weapon for group of enemy npc's.

marmoset player and some other videos that shows full mechanism work chain also will be added next few days.

also planning adding this model to marketplace.

shrain_[01-18] assemble_00000.jpg

shrain_[01-18] assemble_00005.jpg

shrain_[01-18] assemble_00006.jpg

shrain_[01-18] assemble_00008.jpg

shrain_[01-18] assemble_00003.jpg

shrain_[01-18] assemble_00012.jpg

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I dont know what is that you are looking for in terms of feedback, for me it looks awesome, very well done. If its for a game engine, it might be that there is to much details for one grenade but again all depends how this thing will be used. 

U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist | Core4D Contributions

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thank you both. glad to see positive reactions. 


about wires there is all wires. 1 for camer- inside lover mechanism columns. red one cable.    4 cable for motors. black-red strip cables.  4 cable for detonation black-red strip cables. and 1 whit-red cable for button. so all cables and cablessoceks are there. 🙂    cables also rigged. that spiral pars are contains 100-150 joints.

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Lols - no sorry I meant wireframe / lines mode images, so we can see your modelling !!! 🙂

This sort of thing !




 There are people here (me not the least of them) who enjoy the wireframes as much as the final images !



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