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Millions of variably-sized, non-intersecting clones ?

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I've changed the title of this, because the question itself doesn't appear to have much (or anything!) to do with the color shader ! Please be accurate in titling posts so they remain searchable and helpful for other members.



First, the bad news. No dynamics simulation in Cinema can handle the tens of millions of 'clones' (if that's what they are), or more specifically, the calculations necessary to push them apart and prevent them intersecting. Additionally, and I am sure it's a translation thing, but 'Interspersion' and 'intersection' mean different things ! I suspect you actually mean 'Intersection', so will proceed on that premise... anyway, because of the above, we have to think a bit 'outside the box' for this one...


This sort of artwork has long fascinated Digital artists since it first appeared around 10 years ago. Have you seen Chris Schmidt's approach to it for example, which uses hair instancing to achieve a very similar result ?




But as I recall he doesn't expand the technique as far as influencing the size of the individual instances, although I have good cause to think this is possible knowing that hair thickness can be controlled via shader map / bitmap etc, like colour and length. The main challenge here would be how you assign a greyscale value based on poly size...


So maybe that is one starting point ?


Another idea might involve creating specific topology on a flat plane, perhaps with the help of voronoi fracture or plugins like dualGraph etc, which, if you could get it to produce suitably art directable results would you allow you to extrude (or MoExtrude) each polygon on Planar Y, forming a tower that doesn't intersect with its neighbours, and can be a different size to them also.


Lastly I will venture that if you use the cloner at all with this many clones, you will be needing multi-instance mode to have any chance of that not grinding your system to a halt.



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