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How To Make A Looping Hyperwind Animation With Signal Plugin

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Hey, I'm currently trying to make the wind animation on my flower loop and therefore set the loop point to the exact size as in my viewport (like clint/ pwnisher had in his video where he made a breakdown of the car in front of the ocean): 


BUT after reviewing the sequence it it didnt really loop at all, does someone know what I might be doing wrong here? (The plugin Im using here is Forester for the flower with the Signal plugin from Greyscalegorilla)


Would appreciate any help!! 🙂

Cinema 4D R23.110 (RC) - [Foreground_Setup_View01.c4d _] - Main 9_12_2021 9_45_01 PM_LI.jpg

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  • Cerbera changed the title to How To Make A Looping Hyperwind Animation With Signal Plugin

It looks like you are animating a parameter called Wind Speed. That sounds like some form of dynamic physics simulation in that object.


Before using Signal are you sure that ramping that Wind Speed value up and then back down again, over your 50 frames, also makes a seamless loop?


If it does then you can use signal to add noise to that Wind Speed parameter like you are doing.


But physics simulation systems are not usually able to be looped. Even if you keyframe it’s parameters manually. 



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Yess I linked the parameter Wind Speed into the Signal Tag.


What do you mean by ramping the value up and down? (You mean manually keyframing the speed inside the entire keyframe window?) Im fairly new to cinema so I wouldnt really know how to achieve what you said haha


I followed the video I linked to the thread and at the end you can also see that Clint looped the hyperwind animation so maybe should I sort of bake the animation down or something comparable?



Ooh I get what you mean now he had the wind speed bumped up so much that you cant see the looping point, and now it looks like its looping to me but the thing is I dont want a stormy wind but rather a chill breese damn haha 😄


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