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Cinema R25 Release


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its end of c4d for me. there is still no updates for lot of things. and maxon shows to us just blenderized interface and features and copiend icons from blender...


well gratefull interface for switching to blender. now c4d customers can easly adapt to blenders ui.  thank you maxon. and good bye.

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And here I thought CV-Art Smart and Springy keys were invented like a decade ago, guess they are new features though, go figure! At least they have a beta of Eevee you can choose to pay even more for, once its ready for Prime Time. Too bad the viewport will still be too slow to animate in.

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The most entertaining part of the presentation was Paul Babb doing the low-rent version of the Jensen 'kitchen' scene.

I felt sorry for the guy - knowing what was coming. Looked like he couldn't get off stage quick enough.

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I like the new icons. I think they are both easy to read and stylish.  I also appreciate the ability to make interactive menus. I always use my own custom layout so the layout change is only inconvenient to me when doing tutorials and I have to use to the default one. That said, the new layout does have some good changes such as putting the items you need closer to where you usually need them. This mirrors some of my own layout preferences, so I think this layout is something people will quickly get used to and like. Capsules are a nice addition as it allows some of the power of nodes within the current architecture, and will give users a taste of the strengths (but notably not the speed) of nodes and how to use them without waiting for the 3-4 years the full transition is still likely to require. The track tools also look very nice. All in all not as bad as the initial reactions here would indicate, but also nothing to get super excited about either, except for the fact that progress is being made even if very incrementally.

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Wow, really nothing new. Just wow. Who knew they could do even less. Subscriptions really were Cinema 4Ds end. I’m really sad, but glad I didn’t renew my sub. McGravran really destroyed this great company. I’m just really sad. So good memories about Cinema 4D 😢 

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I have to admit the new UI took me a lot longer than I thought it would to fully get used to, and I am still not as fast in it as I am in the previous versions, but it has, at last, begun to feel a little bit more like home. I know it's a big shock to begin with, but the nice things in it do shine through in the end - the VP for modelling now, for example, is an absolute joy, and has never looked clearer, cleaner, or more attractive IMO.




"A typical model, yesterday".


And although I never thought in a million years I would say it, as I flick between 24 and 25 now, 24 does feel a little bit 'toy-town' or 'yesteryear' in comparison.



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2 minutes ago, jackTheStorm said:

Polishing of c4d ui reminds me Igor's works at this forum. Same person

Nah come on man, dont do that. 
Igor is a talented and awesome person.
Lets not turn this into a flame war and weird and pointless observations such as this.

Keep within the topic of C4D's new update. 

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Trying to add (with a giant effort) a positive spin to this...
Is any of the "new" features something that really affects anyone's workflow positively in here? 
Something they added that is something that you personally really wanted/needed? 

Because on my end, whenever there is a new release I think "Ok.. I need to upgrade now, because there is this new and new feature that I could use"
But for me, personally, on this one, there is nothing... So I am happy to stay with S24, at least until the subscription expires.

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2 minutes ago, FLima said:

Nah come on man, dont do that. 
Igor is a talented and awesome person.
Lets not turn this into a flame war and weird and pointless observations such as this.

Thanks @FLima , but its fine, let it be. I don't mind these comments. I cant be hypocritical and be against it. To be fair I did change things a lot in past year and I know that, but I did it for a good reason, at least in my opinion and I cant expect everyone understand that. 

U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist | Follow Houdini PolyMarvels  YouTube | Twitter | Discord

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