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Cinema R25 Release


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8 minutes ago, destta said:

Why Maxon didn't put this as an option? 

There is a switch to go back to old layouts in the top right... It won't restore the old icons, maybe that can be changed with a custom theme (I've seen a theme to restore the older, not as dark color scheme posted somewhere already), but those are fairly inconsequential.

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4 minutes ago, MazurBr said:

Yes! That's C4D, not a freaking Blender ripoff. 😁🤘

The new UI is depressive as hell.

I'll just assume the new interface design was created by the goth/emo nephew of Adobe Guy, thus no one can really tel him to cut it out and stop this nonsense. 

The new UI is fine. Everyone complains about when a UI or branding etc changes. I don't think it needed changing personally but people will get used to it. Its the odd prioritisation of it over other things that is the issue.

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What about the schemes, can't you switch to a light color scheme?


I can't stand these white on black contrasts, they hurt my eyes, and I am unable to work after a short time. Switching to light colors is the first thing I do in C4D (I did give up on changing individual colors, but this one is a must). I'm doing the same for Blender (yes, you can switch Blender to a light scheme) and if possible any other application that comes along in white on black. Ain't a spring chicken any more.


(And funny thing symmetry gets mentioned...)

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4 hours ago, Cairyn said:


Who's the bigger complainer, the complainer or the one that complains about complainers complaining?

Personally I think it is  the person who complains about the complainers complaining about the complainers complaining about the complainers.  😁



5 hours ago, Zmotion said:


Nope. Everybody is responsible for the choices they made themselves.  They made a choice and then keep complaining about it for years...


Look, CG is not a simple thing to get into.  It takes time, money, practice, patience, more money, more practice, etc.  It also is NOT a skill that is 100% transferrable from one program to another.  True, the techniques are transferrable but the execution is 100% dependent on the software and it is learning how to execute with that software where most of the time, money and practice goes.  Once you get to a point of proficiency with the software where you are so immersed into the workflow that the interface melts away, then you have "arrived"!  It just doesn't get any better than that.   You just don't want to give that up like an old pair of shoes simply because it takes so much effort to get to that point.  It is not that easy...especially for the hobbyist who has less time to learn simply because they have a different day job.


So, with that said, I think it is valid for people to ask simple questions like "why did you change the interface when no one asked you to?" or "why was the interface a higher priority than this new modeling feature that would really improve my proficiency and help my workflow".  They may sound like they are complaining, and some may actually be complaining, but from the majority I hear frustration and loss....especially with comments from hobbyists with perpetual licenses regarding how Maxon is making it increasingly difficult to financially continue with the software.


Yeah... real sweat, blood and tears get invested into becoming proficient with each and every individual program.  That is a cold hard  fact for many of us.  When that sacrifice gets threatened, then people speak up for themselves.  That is natural.   To some, the protection of that sacrifice is a complaint.  Not me.  I see what is behind it because I have made those same sacrifices.   I really don't care if some on the forum cannot make that distinction....but I desperately hope that Maxon can.



Sorry...but I simply do not have enough faith to be an atheist.

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3 hours ago, RBarrett said:

Well the new UI was primarily created by the same hard-working and talented UX designer behind the old UI. It was over a decade old, and needed to be updated not just for appearance sake but also for some technical reasons.


And I imagine y’all can respect that while our UX designers have lots of great skills, they’re not C++ modeling developers.


I personally love the new UI, I think is a step ahead of what we had before, corner icons that expand materials and animation tracks are really well thought, I cant  really understand why people are confused by the new icons, but I also use shift+C for everything since commander exist and I used to personalize my UI with icons in the middle just like you guys did in R25, so I'm already predisposed to like the UI, I would appreciate if xpresso were upgraded as well, I watched your live today with Rocket Lasso, was great, capsules have a ton of potential. And If capsules / scene nodes are gonna replace xpresso eventually, just say it, so we can start learning them.


What I don't appreciate is having to pay for UI and improvements that really aren't there yet, and no one knows when they will be ready because Maxon keeps things pretty close to the chest. For example, capsules selection are really weird, because they don't show what you are selecting unless you add another node or a material, and for some technical reason they cant replicate the color selection in the viewport. Also, you can select by index, but you cant really tell the index number of your polygons, and no one implemented a way to do that. 


Anyway, I'm too old to remember when was the last time people were asking Maxon to be more transparent, but I do remember a blog where Maxon acknowledged lack of information, Bodypaint improvements, the new core and a lot of promises that up to this day haven't been fulfilled, so.. I guess this is it.


Good luck everyone.


ps. I'm attaching my old UI - 2013, with icons in the middle.


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Some thoughts about the new UI:

-- The layout changes aren't that drastic as many people seem to make them. The palettes moved a bit, but in a logical way, that reduces mouse travel.

-- The new icons fulfill a lot of ojective criteria for icons: they are discernible, consistent, readable in any scale and 'speak' very well. C4D has by far the best Icons of all apps I know, the new ones continue this.

-- Color: Personally, I like the color theme, but it would be great if we had 3 nice presets for light, semi-dark-grey and dark background, plus 2 or 3 color-themes for the icons. Or a color-temperature-slider 😉

-- Reorganization: The menu-clean-up was reaaally needed and well done; now the rest of the UI feels on par. For me, that was a successful overhaul. 

-- Timing: UI/UX is made by a special team, so the Redesign likely did not take a lot of ressources away from developing the functional parts of the app. Which, sorry to say, makes the R25 update look even more thin 😕


It seems, the UI refresh was planned as a 'stopgap' to stretch time until something is ready in the developer's department...

Nevertheless, it was well done, that's my point 🙂

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i agree, you don‘t have to really re-learn anything, functionality and logic is the same as before. the only thing that needs a bit of time is re-programming your muscle memory. but even this happens faster than you think, in a couple of weeks you‘ll find yourself moving your cursor to the wrong spot when working in older versions. 

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7 hours ago, 3D-Pangel said:

Personally I think it is  the person who complains about the complainers complaining about the complainers complaining about the complainers.  😁




Inception level! Now wait whether the top stops spinning.

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8 hours ago, RBarrett said:

.... It was over a decade old, and needed to be updated not just for appearance sake but also for some technical reasons...



Ok, let's have a fun quiz!


Are there any other C4D features that could prefix this statement?



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