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Cinema R25 Release


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Trying to add (with a giant effort) a positive spin to this...
Is any of the "new" features something that really affects anyone's workflow positively in here? 
Something they added that is something that you personally really wanted/needed? 

Because on my end, whenever there is a new release I think "Ok.. I need to upgrade now, because there is this new and new feature that I could use"
But for me, personally, on this one, there is nothing... So I am happy to stay with S24, at least until the subscription expires.

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2 minutes ago, FLima said:

Nah come on man, dont do that. 
Igor is a talented and awesome person.
Lets not turn this into a flame war and weird and pointless observations such as this.

Thanks @FLima , but its fine, let it be. I don't mind these comments. I cant be hypocritical and be against it. To be fair I did change things a lot in past year and I know that, but I did it for a good reason, at least in my opinion and I cant expect everyone understand that. 

U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist | Core4D Contributions

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3 minutes ago, Igor said:

Thanks @FLima , but its fine, let it be. I don't mind these comments. I cant be hypocritical and be against it. To be fair I did change things a lot in past year and I know that, but I did it for a good reason, at least in my opinion and I cant expect everyone understand that. 

The changes were awesome, for sure!
I lose even more of the little remains of hair I have left, trying to imagine the amount of work you put into this! 
Looking forward to the HoudinivsCinemavsBlendervsMaya topic hehe 🙂

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1 minute ago, jackTheStorm said:


yes. maybe not only gui.


appendix link


So not only did they deliver features NOBODY asked for or were already available as free plugins, they also broke plugin support YET again to make it even MORE of a headache for the user, AND the developers?




I just read up on the changelog (if you can call it that) and this is truly pathetic. I think this is the worst C4D release I've seen yet, by far.

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20 minutes ago, Cerbera said:

I have to admit the new UI took me a lot longer than I thought it would to fully get used to, and I am still not as fast in it as I am in the previous versions, but it has, at last, begun to feel a little bit more like home. I know it's a big shock to begin with, but the nice things in it do shine through in the end - the VP for modelling now, for example, is an absolute joy, and has never looked clearer, cleaner, or more attractive IMO.




"A typical model, yesterday".


And although I never thought in a million years I would say it, as I flick between 24 and 25 now, 24 does feel a little bit 'toy-town' or 'yesteryear' in comparison.




Wow. Sorry, I'm more impressed with the wires than the interface. Haha. Beautiful! Of course, you knew that already. There are some very good changes with the interface that will make things more comfortable after getting used to it. 

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Introducing a new UI is always risky.  An new UI encourages people on the fence about the program to finally commit to leave and learn something else.  That will always be the situation no matter the platform or the history.  Normally, you would introduce the new UI with some killer must-have features so it encourages users to make the transition. Now, C4D's history since R20 has not been stellar.  The way perpetual license holders have been treated just gets worse with each passing year.  The focus on scene nodes as a "tech demo" is not garnering enough interest from the users as  far as I can tell or Maxon would be splattering scene nodes use cases all over their web-site.  Maybe I missed it, but they are not readily apparent.   R23 was pretty good with the new UV and animation tools.   R24, or the "Beeple release" as I like to refer to it, was great for those who like to grab hunks of stuff from the asset browser and through it all over the scenes like garnish.  In view of long standing feature improvements that continue to go unaddressed (particles, fluids, character animation, light linking, updates to AR, a good symmetry tool), not sure where asset browser fit in the priority but my guess is not very high.


So the history of new features from a company that is NOT known for keeping up with the industry has not been stellar.  What set C4D apart was the UI...and now they changed it.  That was  a very risky move as it was part of their identity.  Again, given their history since R20, you don't want to make a misstep when you change the UI given a declining perception from users regarding whether or not C4D will be able to keep up with other programs.   But to introduce the new UI with such lackluster features is just not a smart move.   I don't understand the thinking.  Were people desperate for a new UI?  So the UI could have waited until they had enough new features to warrant sticking with the program through that transition.


Honestly, I think Maxon would have been better off to NOT release anything right now.  Not sure what is coming, but it has to better than what they included in this release.  


But hey....their revenue is locked in with subscriptions so maybe they hope they can get away with it.


Well my message to Maxon is this: Hope is a bad strategy.



Sorry...but I simply do not have enough faith to be an atheist.

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What a joke ahah! The UI overhaul was the one thing I was not expecting at all. 
Hard to believe that it was a request from the community….

And about the other features…well, what other features?! LOL 

They should have postponed this release. With subs, they no longer have to stick to an annual plan so why the heck did they release such a shameful, lackluster product? 

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