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Cinema 4D Scripting - How to randomize rendering between multiple objects


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Basically I want to randomize the renders somehow. 

Let's say I have 10 human bodies modeled, 10 haircuts, 10 types of shirts and so on. I want to render out different random combinations of these objects, without doing it manually. 


Do you have any idea how can I do that ? 



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Depends on whether you want to have a specific solution for your current setup, or a generalized solution.


If your variants are located in a null each (e.g. one null with haircut1, haircut2, haircut3 etc, another null with shirt1, shirt2,...), then you would just go through all these nulls (search by name), select one child randomly (count children, determine one random number in that interval), set this child to visible and all others to invisible. Once you have treated all your options that way, so each of these nulls only has one visible child (one option), you'd simply start a render. You could let the script run overnight to render out a few dozen variants.


Your issues will be:


1. depending on the number of variants, a combination may repeat. If you want to prevent that, you'd need to save the already-done combinations in a list and compare on each new attempt whether your current combination is already in that list (in that case, skip and don't render).


2. The script will need to terminate before you can continue working in C4D, at least in the "simple" solution where you just trigger the render directly. If you have an endless loop in the script, or you want to terminate the script prematurely, you will need to kill the C4D process on the machine. You can program a more sophisticated solution with a dialog and an interrupt mechanism, and start the render on another thread, but that is significantly more work.



Learn more about Python for C4D scripting:


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