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CORE 4D - Introduction to CINEMA 4D R25

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Hi folks : )


We are proud to announce new and unique training set for R25 located in our store here:




New to 3D? No problem! In this unique training from MAXON senior specialist you will get introduced to CINEMA 4D and 3D concepts from grounds up.
From very basics to much more complex topics viewer is guided methodically by trainer renowned for ability to simplify foreign and complex concepts into easily absorbed information. No previous knowledge is needed.


Lesson outline:
















3h 32 mins



Price - 39


Contributors Discount:

Gold - 29€

Silver - 33€

Bronze - 36€




About Instructor:
Hrvoje Srdelic is a senior MAXON specialist and part of core development team. He is involved in conception, design and testing of CINEMA 4D which ensures unique insight and capabilities of CINEMA 4D. His extensive knowledge, well known teaching abilities and time spent in industry are a guarantee of quality training series.

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  • Hrvoje changed the title to CORE 4D - Introduction to CINEMA 4D R25

Hey there, I wasnt sure if I should ask here. Is there any training related only to "capsules"? Not scene nodes, just the compiled capsules for OM. Or if there is a list of em. Havent installed r25 just yet but from the tuts I ve seen Im not sure if there is a category in asset manager about what works in OM.


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No, this one doesn't cover capsules per se but there is full dedicated scene nodes series for that

Capsule is just a thing made with nodes which can be used in object manager, nothing fancy really 🙂


What works now are modifiers, selections, generators and primitives. So, for example, you can create some setup with nodes which makes some selection. You then simply put it all in selection modifier group, save as asset and you can use it in OM

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Having purchased a majority of Hrvoje's training courses, I cannot praise enough his ability to gently bring the student from "ground zero" basics to complex projects.  He navigates that transition so smoothly and efficiently you will marvel at how you got there.  There is a well thought out an logical progression to his methods that will definitely frame how you tackle your own projects well after you have completed his training.


I am always hungry for good topology practices, so even though this is for R25 which many may not get, I am confident there will be something here for owners of previous versions.   For those who have R25 and are struggling with all the interface changes, then I am sure Hrvoje will work you through that knothole quite nicely.

Sorry...but I simply do not have enough faith to be an atheist.

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