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Windows from polygons - example nodes


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If someone is interested here is my first attemp to using R25 nodes to build windows from polygons. You can interactively change depth and size of widnows frames. This is of course very simple example but can be easily expanding further.


Unfortunately at the moment only way to using object polygon selections in scene nodes is by weight maps. There is missing Get Selection node that exist in manual. It could probably read selection tags.





NODE Windows from Polygons_0001.c4d



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You can also use some predefined stuff here - copy&paste from doc


re you can enter the name of the selection that you want to read out. Otherwise, the active selection will be used. You can also use special keywords and logical operations here to create a new selection from scratch or a combination of already saved selections. The following keywords and operations can be used:

  • default: If the geometry already has an active selection, it will be used for the output. If no selection is active, all elements of the chosen type will be used.

  • odd: All elements of the chosen type that have an odd index will be selected.

  • even: All elements of the chosen type that have an even index will be selected.

  • all: All elements of the chosen type will be selected.

  • hidden: Hidden elements will get selected.

  • Name of a saved selection: Use the name of a stored selection to make it active. Take care to use quotes with selection names. You can also use a combination of a saved selection and another keyword or selection.

  • Index string: You can use index numbers directly as you would with the “Index Array from String” Node.

  • Using operations: You can use mathematical and logical operations to combine or subtract selections. Using the string odd – “center” for instance selects all odd elements and then subtracts the selection that has been stored by the name “center”. You can use +, -, & (logical and), | (logical or) as well as a comma to combine multiple selections or index sequences

For those built in  selections you don't need to use quotes. so use odd instead of "odd" for example. Only names selections use quotes

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Scene nodes especially with the new Capsules are incredibly powerful. They are game changer. Maxon should advertise them with more special tutorials.

Next time I will try how to make fences using Nodes by using custom objects as parts and copy them by spline with intelligent scalling withing spline.

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Yes I saw them in the store but how much workflow from past scene nodes are compatible with R25 Capsules ?  As I know Scene Nodes generate geomethry from scratch. How to connect them via Capsules to existing scene geometry ?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I need more clarification on this - the 'Get Selection' node is present in R24, it's present in the manual of R25, but it's missing in the actuial program of R25.

Was it replaced at the last minute & the documentation hasn't caught up, or is this a bug we need to report ?

This particular example aside, they are for reading in a 'Geometry' input from a 'Store Selection' node & outputting 'Indices' to feed into a 'selection' port - is something else doing this job now, or is it just missing ?

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