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Nodes performance :)


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Hi folks


I was asked on pm to show a scene which "proves" major performance increase with scene nodes over MoGraph cloning. Here is a small setup which illustrates how capable node system is:





Scene breakdown:


50000 rocks, gazillion polygons, distribution algorithm is preventing overlaps as much as possible


If you load the scene as is you will notice that navigating is practically impossible since it is very slow and unresponsive, practically not usable.



- Click in the empty space in node graph

- Change the viewport to fast shading mode






Now you can smoothly navigate the viewport on single mid level consumer graphics card. I would like to stress that system is not yet optimized for playback and full performance


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Another example




Scene Breakdown:


roughly 2,5 million voxel cubes



If you open the scene you will notice that very dense mesh is used to generate huge amount of non intersecting voxels which lead to final result. Navigation is smooth and fast. Viewport is already set to fast shading, do not change it!

This is not possible with MoGraph




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Hi Hrvoje,

I'm on R21 and haven't tried R25 - but can you answer a related question on Capsules?


Back when scene nodes were introduced it was clearly stated that they were not compatible with the classic object manager - which is perfectly understandable. Capsules obviously work around that in some way. I would therefore assume that Capsules - even though they are scene node based - don't show these speed increases, as they are constrained by their integration into the classic object manager.


Can you confirm that - or offer any insight on the matter?

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