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Voronoi fracture

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I'm trying to have a small car drive through one of those cylindrical gates that lift up - like at a parking lot. I have the windshield of the car as the rigid object so the front goes under the bar before the crash. I've gotten the fracture to work, but the car crashes the area it goes through and leaves the outside end of the arm floating in air. How do I make the collision cause the entire bar to fall into pieces?



Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 11.29.55 AM.png

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You can try turning the trigger velocity threshold down close to zero, which should have the effect of making all the pieces fall, but if you want the ones connected to the stand to remain then you just need another collider to knock out the pieces the car doesn't initially touch, which can be hidden from camera with a compositing tag.



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Ok...  the hidden object worked. But... now the pieces, when they hit the floor, continue to move; rocking back and forth. ?? I'm gtried adjusting a lot of settings in the dynamics tab on the object and the floor but can't get the pieced to settle. ????

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