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Dear members


Unfortunately I have to inform you that our major partner and supporter decided not to back us up anymore in operating this wonderful community for their own reasons. I will use this post to publicly and sincerely thank them for existing support without which we simply couldn't operate in past few years. Due to this fact, after 20 years of being solely supporting CINEMA 4D user base, Core4D simply can't stay CINEMA 4D only dedicated community and we have to expand to other software and other potential supporters or advertisers to keep running. This community is free platform for all and will continue to be a 3D hub where everyone will always have a chance to express themselves freely, without censorship and enjoy freely available content. The community and associated costs (server, forum app, addons, backend servicing) are significant and as much as I hate saying this publicly, I hope you will consider supporting us through Contributor system or by purchasing some of products we offer in the Store. In meantime I will do my best to find a substitute for our major supporter so we can keep our services running as usual. 


For now there are no bigger plans to branch out to Houdini or Blender as it will take a lot of effort and I simply want to focus on my own Houdini things. So for now, except Advertising, Core will stay C4D forum only, but of course, posting anything about other DCCs is permitted. For those interested I already created my own brand new accounts on YT and TW were I will start creating my own content dedicated to Houdini. I still need to work on my logo and few other things, but I should be ready to start next month once H19 is out.


Also, I would like to say big thanks for all who are contributing in one or another way. :oregonian_winesmiley:


Just small notice about advertising.


Advertising will stay 3D nature only. Visitors see all ADs, including Google ADs, Regular Members (those who login) seeing only Top banners while Contributors don't see any ADs, except the one in the middle which is our own Core ad.




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Who else would it be? some bitcoin millionaire?


Let us assume that this is Maxon and if so it is utterly vicious, sad and at the end simply stupid from them to deprive the forumof support.  It serves them for crying out loud??  If supporter was not Maxon then they should assume the role of patreon for the forum but my gut feeling says it is Mr McAdobe who could not control the narrative on 25 release (like deleting youtube commentaries on live presentation) and then he  simply pulled the plug on funding. Make Maxon great again on display!




Please prove me wrong




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If it is who we think it is... 
I really have no words to describe this move... 
Absolutely disgusted, but it definitely sets the tone on what the company and the person who controls its decisions is all about. 

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Well that's a great shame, but I hope and trust that our wonderful community will rally round and help keep us going so we continue to have a much-valued resource and forum for honest, fair discussion, and of course a place that feels like home for our members. 



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Guest SteveLorde

This tells you about the state of Cinema 4D community nowadays....


A Company that doesn't give a F about it's users and their main software itself, while the users try to make it survive as much as possible.

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First off....regardless of who the supporter was, I think we should all recognize the work that Igor and all the moderators put into this site.  Remember, in addition to moderating they have to worry about funding and keeping the site viable.


We did take it all for granted...myself included who has been a regular member for years now and only started supporting them this year. 


Regardless of who that primary funder was (but I am sure we all know), being dependent on one funding source is not always a good thing.  It puts too many eggs in one basket.  If Core4D should get funding from multiple sources (including community members who depend on this site for support, information, and/or just plain fellowship) then it spreads the risk.  No longer being dependent on one source does create a bit more freedom as you no longer have to appease that source with every decision you make.  I mean, the site changed its name after all.  That was not Igor's decision.  That shows you the level of influence one funding source can have.   With multiple sources of funding,  Igor only has to appease the forum members....which is the way it should be.


So please, if you want this site to continue and be free from any outside influence then please consider becoming contributors or customers.



Sorry...but I simply do not have enough faith to be an atheist.

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2 hours ago, jackTheStorm said:

sorry, why maxon should support this forum?


I'm watching that they transferred redshift's forum under maxon.net

next level, combine all from new universe of maxon products in new community


Reason is simple. Forum is big pool of knowledge full of scene files and solutions which accumulated over years. big bonus is good vibe which is something you jsut can't buy or obtain and comes solely as product of people who are running it. every time I needed a solution for something I ended up on this forum where someone already had the same issue or there was a scene file present which I could use in my work. If forum dies all that stuff dies with it. Normal companies would cherish and nurture such a prime asset which most definitely got them many people onboard (read licenses). Terrible pr and optics for Maxon. I am sure funds needed for forum are peanuts compared to other marketing expenses they have. Disgraceful. Only reason why I am picking my words is that admin asked me to keep it polite despite how you threw them under the bus. Shame on whoever made such decision...


maybe not connected but maxon marketing guy left for ventuz? regardless of what people think this industry is quite small and we all know each other in a way, and from what I hear from former maxon resellers, maxon is totally toxic now













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14 minutes ago, lieber said:




maybe not connected but maxon marketing guy left for ventuz? regardless of what people think this industry is quite small and we all know each other in a way, and from what I hear from former maxon resellers, maxon is totally toxic now













Completely unconnected, Andres left because Ventuz offered him an opportunity that he didn't knew he wanted. He left with all the best wishes from everyone here at Maxon, I'll miss him as a coworker. Privately we are still connected. He wasn't head of marketing though, that was and is Paul Babb.

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