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Holy heck some of you guys need to lighten up!


There is also an art to trolling and while I don’t detect any occurring in this thread there are arguably days where it  makes the passage of time pass more smoothly.


Back on topic I will be happy to become a CoreC4D member soon.







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  • Customer

Because they are targeting deutsch and french users only? you need international forum and that is this one

what is more interesting in this case is that those are still having c4d or cinema4d in their name which begs the question why this community didn't get the same treatment?


look, at the end maxon doesnt need any community forum, nor is obligated to help them but community forum sure serves them well. managing a company myself i am puzzled why would one, acting in the best interest of the company treat the community this way? simple cost/benefit analysis will tell you that having a vibrant forum is a huge gain for little investment and one  of the most difficult things to do is to build a user base. you all joined here for a reason and that was to learn, see what other people do, how popular software is, show your work,look  for job in industry an so on. the fact that commuity is here for 20 years  had to  contribute a lot to you choosing C4D instead of something else because you want to rely on established brand with large community and backing.


at the end, mr mcgavran is refusing to give an explanation of any kind, which by itself is an admission that he is unable to excuse his personal feelings of being hurt by something and from having a role of managing a company. for some reason he wanted to force name change to this forum and cut their funding. owner seems to be to polite to explain why. it is not that difficult to see what triggered this. if i was a forum owner i would consider taking legal action against discrimination and would get my day in court, at least here in Denmark where democracy is still not paper only

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Hopefully the cops can still pick up the trail while it’s still fresh.


You mentioned something about a community forum where people can post things and maybe Maxon folk can read and interact a bit. Would that hypothetical forum be something like this one, or different?


igor now has free reign to start all the additional Houdini and Blender threads that he wants - while Maxon folk are still hanging around - and some of you guys still aren’t happy, what a surprise.


Below, Maxon posting a cool Houdini-based tutorial on their main page.




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      Houdini 19 - 11min Sneak Peek

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      jawset "reactions" evolution of turbulence FD ?

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