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keyframing gravity forces?


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Hi all!

Just a hobbyist - I'm trying to rig up this simple scene where some spheres fall through a cone with no caps, a couple seconds later a cube comes crashing down through the cone. 


i have the project gravity set to zero 

I have a gravity force for the cone (soft body tag set to include the cone gravity force) set to -10 so it ever so slightly floats upwards.

spheres gravity force set up the same as cone except it's at 300


neither of those gravity forces have any keyframing in them.


But for the cube - I'm trying to key the enabling so that it doesn't enable until frame 200. It switches from not enabled to enabled correctly, but the cube doesn't react to the gravity.


Is this a C4D glitch? Can i not have 2 gravity forces? do they need to be parents / children?


screen record below here!



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If a dynamic body has not been subject to a force, collision etc for about 2 seconds it ceases to be dynamic. The workaround is to set linear and angular threshold to 0 in the dynamic tag.


In normal use, the threshold comes into play to stop dropped coins etc from spinning forever. When the coin velocity drops below the threshold the coin stops moving.

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