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Creating even geometry from an imported illustrator logo

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Hi there! 


I am new to Cinema 4D and the Core 4D page, so apologies if I have listed this question incorrectly, or if the answer to my q is straightforward :P. 


I have imported a logo from illustrator into c4d, extruded it, and added caps in order to round the logo a bit. It is looking quite lumpy and uneven. I have subsequently turned on ''gouraud shading lines'' and realised that my geometry is off and it's causing my logo to look quite raggedy and not very rounded like I had hoped. 


I am wondering what the easiest procedure is for creating smooth, even geometry, similar to a sphere. I have looked on YT and have been unable to find any specific resources relating to shapes imported from illustrator. I would really appreciate some help with this issue! 


Thank you in advance for your time & expertise! 





oddly testing phase.c4d

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Hey Mia - welcome to the Core !


Yep, the extrude and spline object have the options we need to sort that out.


First up, in the caps settings of the Extrude, change it from ngon to delaunay (quad dominant).

Next pop to the spline, and increase the uniform points up to about double what you have now.

Optionally reduce the bevel depth slightly (like I have below), so things don't intersect.


...and then you should get this sort of thing...




...which is eminently suitable for clean rendering, and even quite severe deformations / animation.

Even if you do bevel to the max you should still get very even topology this way.


However it is impossible to get 100% regular quads this way. For that you need to manually model it from polys using the splines merely as a visual guide.




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