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Hair, Sky & Ao


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First I have to apologize. I have no samples at the moment. I am in the middle of a long render and noticed something quite amiss. I am rendering an archviz project using hair for the grass. It's was coming along quite nicely until I turned on AO. Now I have the grass bleeding through the building where the grass would normally be hidden. Imagine grass surrounding the building. The grass that would normally be hidden in the perspective is rendering like an overlay on the elevations of the building. Has anyone seen anything like this? I will post some sample images when they are ready, I was just hoping that someone had some gem of knowledge that would shed some light on this. I am also using the Sky plug-in rendered to 32 bit psd. Thanks...


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Hmm, just done a quick test in both viewport and renderer with hair, gi and ao pllus a sky object and cannot replicate your situation, all using standard settings. Is their anything else 'unusual' in your scene that could be contributing?

Sorry I can't be much help, but without being able to recreate the issue, I'm pretty stuck :P

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No problem, thanks for trying. I am re-rendering since my trial copy of CS3 expired and I have nothing left to support 32 bit psds. I am making new examples in 8 bit jpg. However, I am running out of time and need to get to work. I'll post my results tonight. As far as AO settings, it's all defaults except the left knot is mid tone grey instead of black and I turned on Use Sky Environment. I'm thinking aloud here that the Evironment setting might be the culprit? :huh:

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Ah, replicated it. with the Use Sky. It must be the Sky Environment, which kind of sucks.

Using Raytrace hair render setting fails to rectify the problem but using raster (Post) with Image ticked in hair multipass options works.

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Right on! ;) Thanks for your efforts. It's another one of those gotchas this business presents. I was humming right along and this happened. I was a little frustrated to say the least. Now, the question begs, is this a bug?

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Humm, I thought someone might have a clue as to whether this is a bug or not. Anyway, the problem has been worked out. Frinkky, all I did was to uncheck Use Sky Environment under the AO settings in the Render Settings Dialog. No messing with the Hair render settings. I was worried because this project uses lap siding on the building and without AO at a distance that detail was lost. It turns out that I didn't lose much of anything in this case...

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Ah, right ok. Sorry, i didn;t know you were expecting an answer to the bug thing. I thought my work here was done lol :P

I have a similar issue when using hair on an object with sketch style tag, but tbh i haven't really played with it. I think in all fairness it could be described as a bug, after all, the expected results from both our situations do not happen automatically, we have to find a work-around.

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