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Seamilar ... the sequel


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For the original plugin version I would like to refer to this thread. A year has passed since the implementation of that Python plugin, and while I wanted this Seamilar plugin to do more than cur

After a short break I finally managed to get something done yesterday and today. Nothing final, but I am happy to show some progress. The earlier "move island" WIP showed a concept implemented as a qu

Made a quick demonstration video of the new feature in action. While the feature originated from the demand to have a pixel accurate positioning and sizing option, I figured I could as well imple

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Haven't found the time to work on this plugin during the week, so excuse the delay.

As such I have only been focusing on finalizing the new concept, and testing as much scenarios as possible to fine tune the implementation where needed. Of course, this will not guarantee for an error free plugin. Actually, I know there are some issues with undo/redo, and that will be the next area to focus on.
Unfortunately, this all hasn't left me the time to look into the symmetry which was broken in WIP 3 (and thus still isn't working). But that's another reason to keep people coming back ...

A big thank you to @DrBluem for the callcommand hint.
During the unwrap/relax I do now check if the function is successful, if not I assume the Texture View hasn't been opened once and I thus perform the aforementioned callcommand, and try again to unwrap/relax. If this second one doesn't succeed ... there's something else going wrong.
Unfortunately, I still haven't found a way to hide this Texture View after it has been initialized, and haven't gotten any response from MAXON dev support on this whole issue. So, for now, I leave it up to the user to close the Texture View manually, if they want to. If all goes as expected it will only open once per session.

Not a pretty solution, but good enough for a WIP.

Again a big thank you to DrBluem for providing a mesh to play around with. Unfortunately, I still haven't found the time to use it in any of the video demonstration. Sorry about that. But the gesture is very much appreciated. Thank you.


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Guest DrBluem

Thanks for the new version. I'm gonna test it tomorrow. Glad you can my hint use.

I think most important would be symmetry. For characters one axis is enough.

I'ts possible to align the islands more at vertical or horicontal axis of the UV field? (rotation)
(I can post a screenshot tomorrow)



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1 hour ago, DrBluem said:

I think most important would be symmetry. For characters one axis is enough.

Symmetry has been fixed, will be available in next WIP.

I agree that one axis might be enough, but not everyone builds their meshes with the same axis orientation, hence I provide all 3 axes. It's up to the user to decide which one to use, and to use more than one if wanted/needed.

1 hour ago, DrBluem said:

I'ts possible to align the islands more at vertical or horicontal axis of the UV field? (rotation)

(I can post a screenshot tomorrow)

I am using the built in functions for alignment. It has an option to preserve orientation of the island, or to let Cinema 4D realign it. In next WIP I will provide this option to the user, but currently the preserve orientation was set to false (= do not preserve orientation), so if the result of Cinema 4D is not properly aligned, there isn't much I can do ... currently. Of course I could implement a better unwrapping/alignment/packing algorithm. But that might make the plugin a little more expensive ;-)

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1 hour ago, DrBluem said:

WIP 4 does not work. It does not create a tag. Maybe because of the update 18.039? But we got it last week...

The whole concept has changed. See my previous posts, as well as the demo video of WIP 4.

The Seamilar Tool is now just a selection tool. While the Unwrapper tag does now all the automated unwrapping. However, while you usually would use the combination of the two, I didn't want to force this workflow.
User can now use any selection tool to unwrap. Additionally, user can now also use Seamilar Tool for edge selection (without wanting to unwrap).

The "disconnection" of Seamilar Tool and Unwrapper Tag, means that the user now manually needs to add the tag to an object for this to become the target for drawing and unwrapping. This manual action is what I referred to in my post -when I introduced the new concept- which might still change in the future. Other users liked the idea, so I left it for what it was in WIP 4.

Regarding a Mac version, there is a potential solution on its way, but I can only confirm after the deal has been completed.

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I had already mentioned this in the CGTalk thread, but didn't simply want to copy the same information here. As such, I waited for more news before updating this thread.

Big news for Mac users !!!

A few days ago, Rick F. van Koert (a very generous member at CGTalk) did send me a Mac Mini, completely free of charge, in order for me to compile the plugin on Mac OSX. 

Still trying to find my way on a Mac ... cursing a lot, but enjoying the experience.
I have managed to build WIP 4 in Xcode and test it in R17.055. However, further testing needs to be done before releasing the Mac version to the public.

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 20.16.35.png

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I have good and bad news to report.
First of all, I managed to build a Mac version of the plugin (WIP4) and sent it out to Rick. As he was kind enough to provide me with a Mac to port my plugin, it wasn't but fair to allow him to be the first Mac user. Unfortunately, I didn't get any response and hope all is well with him.

In the meantime I have been working on the next WIP, and have had to spend quite a lot of frustrating time resolving Cinema's inconsistent undo/redo. MAXON's developers will probably tell I am abusing their design, as it wasn't meant to be used that way. Well ... hell yeah! Give us a proper unwrapping tool and we won't have to abuse the system.

Anyway, the many frustrating hours an days have at least managed to help me find a way to get rid of the annoying Texture View initialisation requirement.

Additionally, I have reworked the icons. Undo/redo should be working (hopefully all the way through). Symmetry has been fixed.

Just a word to some of you downloading this and previous WIPs ... and you know who you are!
Even if a piece of software is free of charge that does not give you the right to distribute or upload it to any website of your liking. Violation of copyright is a serious thing.
I know that some of you might not agree with my ideas, and I respect that opinion. But I urge you to respect my work and not distribute nor upload any of my files without permission!

Edit: <removed obsolete files>


I hope to finalise this plugin shortly, until then I am proposing this plugin at a pre-release price of 25 euros.

Just a reminder that any form of violation of copyright (be it related to plugin, script or host application) will revoke your right to any support, including future updates or upgrades.

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