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Seamilar ... the sequel


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8 minutes ago, bezo said:

Try to install, but same issue as with WIP2 first version. Again not apeared in plugins menu or console info...R18.028

How embarrassing! I uploaded the wrong file, sorry.
Correct version has been uploaded now.

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For the original plugin version I would like to refer to this thread. A year has passed since the implementation of that Python plugin, and while I wanted this Seamilar plugin to do more than cur

After a short break I finally managed to get something done yesterday and today. Nothing final, but I am happy to show some progress. The earlier "move island" WIP showed a concept implemented as a qu

Made a quick demonstration video of the new feature in action. While the feature originated from the demand to have a pixel accurate positioning and sizing option, I figured I could as well imple

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Thanks for the feedback so far, everyone.

As explained at the start of the thread, the final imlementation will dictate which version(s) of Cinema 4D can be supported. This due to differences in availability of features in the SDK versions. The easiest for me would be to only support the latest version, leaving quite a lot of you in the cold. Another approach would be to ask the potential users of this Seamilar plugin what version of Cinema 4D they are using (and thus would like to see supported).

In order not to clutter this thread with version requests I have created an online poll (as it's a free one, there might be some adds and banners, sorry about that).

The reason for this poll is to know if it is worthwhile to spend time trying to support a particular version. It doesn't make sense to support a version if no one is using it, while maybe skipping a version which is most popular.
Depending on the poll result I hope to be motivated to solve the obstacles for said version(s).

I haven't limited the number of choices per vote, but I would like to ask to only pick one version. (The more versions that need to be supported the less features will make it.)

EDIT <link to poll removed>

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On 1/7/2017 at 7:38 AM, C4DS said:

There is currently one big drawback, which I still need to find a workaround for:
I am using the Cinema 4D internal unwrapping function. But for this to work a BodyPaint3D Texture View window needs to be opened by the user, at least once during the lifetime of the Cinema 4D session. Confirmed by MAXON developers to be by design, not a bug.
Sadly, they didn't provide any function to call the opening of this window from within a plugin. So users need to open it, manually.


Rather than having to fuss with a Mason limitation, how about just a user alert/reminder that pops up the first time the tool is invoked (per session). 

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Guest DrBluem
import c4d
from c4d import gui
#Welcome to the world of Python

def main():
    c4d.CallCommand(170103, 170103) # Neue Textur-Ansicht...
    c4d.CallCommand(16351) # Kanten
    c4d.CallCommand(1038468) # Seamilar
    c4d.CallCommand(1038469) # UV View
if __name__=='__main__':

Why not this little script to start Seamilar?


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10 hours ago, DrBluem said:

c4d.CallCommand(170103, 170103) # Neue Textur-Ansicht...

Thanks for that, might come handy.

I will investigate the symmetry again. I might have broken something.

As for the WIP 3 crashing. Yet another interaction issue I suspect.
For next WIP I have completely stepped away from the current concept. Resolving all these possible interactions issues is just a nightmare.


11 minutes ago, regnas said:

Btw, I wish it had also an option to do the "cuts" on selected UV polygons only..... :)

Could you please elaborate on this?

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