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Seamilar ... the sequel


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For the original plugin version I would like to refer to this thread. A year has passed since the implementation of that Python plugin, and while I wanted this Seamilar plugin to do more than cur

After a short break I finally managed to get something done yesterday and today. Nothing final, but I am happy to show some progress. The earlier "move island" WIP showed a concept implemented as a qu

Made a quick demonstration video of the new feature in action. While the feature originated from the demand to have a pixel accurate positioning and sizing option, I figured I could as well imple

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4 hours ago, rafaeljm said:

Hi. Do you have a newsletter or any way to subscribe to updates on this plugin? Thanks

I see that you have found how to follow this topic, so I guess this answers your question.
Customers who purchased the plugin are sent the latest version anytime a major update is built.

As for regular updates in this thread, I don't broadcast around. So, no newsletter or anything similar, sorry.

Small update for those following, I managed to build an R16 (mac) version of the plugin (if you followed along on CGTalk you might know the reason). Haven't looked into the R16 windows version, but when I find the time, I'll sure look into that as well ... giving there's interest for it, of course.

Customers (the legal ones at least) have received release candidate 4, containing all features I wanted to provide in the release version. Now it's up to making some documentation. When that's done the plugin will officially be released.

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As some of you know, I also have a thread running over at CGTalk. And while I am not in favor of simply duplicating the posts, this time however, not much else to report than saying the pre-release period of Seamilar has ended. Today the plugin has been officially released.

The early adopters have received their final release version.

I am also glad to report that I have managed to build (and test) the plugin for R16 (windows and mac).

With the official release now concluded I can now focus on further developing the plugin.
Stay tuned for future WIPs.

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Thanks again Daniel (@C4DS) for the Support and your Swift Releases. As already discussed.

I was wondering if anyone from the Cafe would be able / willing to do some tutorials in addition to Daniel's explanations using the plugin.

Or maybe a workflow Video to see how different meshes / Problems can get solved easyily with the Seamilar plugin.
Nothing specific in mind right now. I'm also trying to get the hang of it and for simple 3D objects it works perfectly but I'm still struggeling a bit with more complex shapes and go back and forth with BP UV and Seamilar.

Also this way,  Daniel could maybe focus on further development and expanding the plugin instead of having to do some sort of tutorials.


Just a thought :-) Thanks

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After a short break I finally managed to get something done yesterday and today. Nothing final, but I am happy to show some progress. The earlier "move island" WIP showed a concept implemented as a quick hack. For the past two days I have now implemented this concept into the view/editor framework. Still a few things to finalize before providing a next update to the customers. But as always, it's the small details that take up the most time.

This has been developed on Windows only (not tested on Mac yet), and from earlier WIPs I know that some concepts don't work on MacOS. Hopefully, porting this to the other platform isn't going to take too much time. Fingers crossed!



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18 hours ago, Robididan said:

Hi Daniel,

I can't seem to move my UV islands, or will this only be in your next release? Thanks for the update! getting better and better each time

Yes, the video demonstrates WIP8, the next "work in progress" after the official released version. As mentioned, it still requires some work before being delivered. When all work related to move/rotate/scale is completed, this update will be sent to customers.

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1 hour ago, artzfx said:

Great plugin Daniel, having a lot of fun playing with it.  So simple to use. 

That's great to hear. Leaving review in the store would be so nice and helpful. :) 




U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist | Core4D Contributions

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