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Seamilar ... the sequel


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For the original plugin version I would like to refer to this thread.

A year has passed since the implementation of that Python plugin, and while I wanted this Seamilar plugin to do more than currently has been released, the Python SDK held me back. With the release of R18 MAXON provided additional bodypaint functionality in it's Python SDK, and I finally could implement the full version of the plugin as I envisioned it at the start. Or so I thought. Unfortunately, MAXON's dev support confirmed that the added functionality didn't work, so I was back to square one.
Instead of waiting on a fix from MAXON, I went ahead and digged into the world of C++ plugin development, as this SDK didn't suffer the reported problems.

A few weeks later and I have this "concept version" running.

More development is required before it reaches a stable release version, but it already shows it's potential.



No release date available yet.
As for the supported Cinema 4D versions, this will depend on the needed functionality in the final version.

One drawback of this being a C++ plugin: while the python plugin (being a script) is platform independent, a C++ plugin needs to be built (compiled and linked) on PC and on Mac separately.



If you want to know more about the progress of this plugin, feel free to browse through the many posts that have been written since the birth of the plugin, to its current state.

Note that as of 2019 the Seamilar plugin (along others) is currently available at



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For the original plugin version I would like to refer to this thread. A year has passed since the implementation of that Python plugin, and while I wanted this Seamilar plugin to do more than cur

After a short break I finally managed to get something done yesterday and today. Nothing final, but I am happy to show some progress. The earlier "move island" WIP showed a concept implemented as a qu

Made a quick demonstration video of the new feature in action. While the feature originated from the demand to have a pixel accurate positioning and sizing option, I figured I could as well imple

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Thanks to all for the feedback so far.

55 minutes ago, briand said:

looks really good, I don't use 3D coat but it looks similar to how the acclaimed tools work in that program.

Thanks. Hence the name of this plugin.

Haven't looked at 3D Coat since over a year, but I can say that it was a revelation to use the demo and a great inspiration to make my own tool.
I am collecting ideas as we speak, as I am not to fond of BodyPaint's TextureView window. If possible I'd like to display a better UV representation, but I know the current SDK is limited in that area.

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On 12/7/2016 at 3:36 PM, maliohammad said:

seems like a great plugin !

BTW , how was the jump from python to C++ ?



I am a C++ software developer by trade, so the jump from Python wasn't the issue. In fact it was the other way round when I starting writing plugins in Python, last year. By now I still don't know the language by heart and extensively need to refer to its documentation.
Same for MAXON's SDK , and unfortunately their Python and C++ SDK are not a simple one on one mapping. Which means I basically had to rewrite the whole original Seamilar plugin before being able to add the new UV unwrapping features. Took me nearly two weeks (full time), and then another week to figure out the unwrapping. Luckily I had already spent most of the time doing the research while implementing the Python plugin ... just waiting for MAXON to catch up with the Python SDK ;-)
Looking back, I better had started with C++ from day one, I wouldn't have wasted waiting for a working SDK.


If you have some character models to share, sent me a private message as I would be thankful to have a more complex model to play with.


I don't know what Modo provides as UV functionality, we could discuss your needs, and see if I can fit these into Seamilar. For now I am mostly focused on getting a stable "framework" implemented. All "fancy" features (symmetry, auto unwrap, ...) will have to wait.

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Since last time I had a look at implementing my own UV view, in order to allow for a visual feedback on the colored UV islands.

Here is the result, playing around with an old character I had created for C4DCafe's "Inner workings" challenge (2006).
The navigation seems a bit jerky, apparently related to the capturing software, as the navigation is fluid when not recording.
In this demo video I open the new UV View window next to the BodyPaint Texture Window, for comparison, as well as due to limitation of SDK. I am still looking into this in order to find a workaround.

Note: I probably didn't choose the perfect seams, but this was a simple demonstration. It already shows that a proper symmetry selection would be quite useful. I might have to raise that topic's priority on my to do list.

So far, the implementation requires features available since R16, so unless further obstacles I would be aiming to release for R16 and above.
Support for previous version would be possible, but with crippled undo/redo functionality.



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20 minutes ago, bezo said:

...looking amazing Daniel, perfect.

I can imagine I have edge selection tag, doubleclick on it/select all edges and with single button unwrap whole object...

Simply fantastic...

Seamilar is more intended for interactive process, where you create the seams. As such, I didn't foresee starting from selection tags to perform the unwrapping. As it currently is implemented, when you activate the plugin with edges selected it will automatically read these and "convert" them to seams, creating the different UV islands in the process.
For technical reasons I now only unwrap (relax + realign) when the user interactively selects a seam. I will have to add your suggestion to my to do list.

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