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  1. In a related comment, I think MAXON should fix an issue that bothers me. Like me, many people have sizeable C4D assets and scene files from years ago, or they purchase pre-made 3D models. Every time I purchase a model, usually created in Max originally and saved out in r11 format. This cannot be opened in r20 or later. Luckily, I still have r19 which can open them. Once saved by r19, it is now compatible in r20. Either build in a converter or put out a free standalone app that only serves this purpose to make it compatible with r20+. Recently, I had to use another computer which did not have r
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  2. Ahhh. Fall off. Good point. Thank you.
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  3. Hi guys! In this video, we'll take a deep dive into Substance Painter's Auto UVs feature and figure out the answer to the age-old question - Can we finally skip UV Unwrapping? www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMxQOVKzvFM If you're new to cloud rendering and would like to learn more, here's a great resource for you
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  4. Ah right - you want them all to spin as a whole, whirlwind style, rather than individually ? Yes, in that case my advice would be to do what you already did ! But if you did want to do it with forces, then you can always add a falloff to those so that they don't affect stuff on the ground... CBR
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  5. When you make something dynamic you effectively surrender control of it to dynamic forces, or have to achieve a balance between keyframed / effector animation and dynamics using the Follow Position / Rotation controls in the Forces tab of the Dynamics tag. However, effector rotation won't look very natural, and confetti is very light, so you are better off using turbulence and wind forces to try and get some rotation into the sim rather than otherwise. If you are using aerodynamics, as you probably should be for confetti, that also affects rotation. CBR
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