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  1. thanks guys... here’s another one i just finished, merry christmas!
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  2. a project i finished last weekend. may not look like c4d, but everything except for a few frame by frame animated particles and smears it's entirely c4d. liquidity from everfresh on Vimeo.
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  3. Thanks guys. That's given me some good info to base a selection on. Time to see if there are any demo versions I suppose.
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  4. Having used both Octane for years and Redshift for a while now, it really depends on what you want to do exactly. As @Cerbera already said, it's very easy to get very good looking results with Octane. In fact, you can add a sphere and an HDRI in Octane, put a material on it and it already looks photorealistic. The settings you can make are very barebones, 90% of the time you can go with default render settings (apart from switching between Direct Lighting and full Path Tracing depending on the scene). However, for me Octane was pretty annoying to work with due to numerous reasons.
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  5. I'll pop that in System components / upgrades for now, which seems as good a place as any in our new, slightly pared-down / simplified categories... I don't have a great deal of experience with TPR's, but having worked with a lot of people over the years who use them I can offer an opinion. So, for me, Octane wins the day for ease of use vs quality of results, but crashes seem to be frequent, and even though support is good and resolutions are usually found, this can be annoying when project deadlines are looming. Redshift is not as quick and easy to work w
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  6. Never mind I found it, It's the time source which should be set from global to custom. Set a desired offset every n-th frame and in the f-curve menu set the nodes to stepped. Throw in some offset repeat after for more lasting result and presto. Thank you for listening c4dear cafe. Philip
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  7. A long while ago I had uploaded a script, but cannot seem to locate it on the C4DCafé anymore. I cannot even locate the whole download section anymore ??? I tried to contact @Igor via PM, but the system mentions he cannot receive any messages (mailbox full maybe?), as such he will not even be notified by the trigger here. For your convenience I am uploading the script here ... (unzip the files into your scripts folder). Hope this helps. Points2Circle.zip
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