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  1. I haven't used it myself since I'm still on R20, but @everfresh designed that cartoon rig and it looks amazing!
  2. He looks great! Your client is an idiot for not choosing this adorable little guy!
  3. I agree, yes, yes, and yes! In addition to smaller leaves, I think you need more branches and more "branchy" branches, for the lack of a better word. This is a cool stylized tree, so I wouldn't want you to ruin it by adding too much. One easier thing to try as well would be just make the trunk twice as long before any branches, and maybe add a knot hole or two. You may also consider straightening the trunk a bit, just because large trees simply don't grow very high if they're this crooked. They'd just fall over. The trick with trees is that the size is almost directly proportional to the
  4. The new website looks great, Martijn! So much good stuff on there, I need a couple days to digest!
  5. I love your little computer so much! I don't care if he only takes floppy disks, I'll trade him for my machine any day!
  6. natevplas

    Disgusting Ting

    I hope that's a cancer cell or a coronavirus or something, because I want it to DIE! Nice work making it look super creepy and gross!
  7. @kingcomathat sounds about right! And I like this "cute-ified" version of that cute little car! Looking forward to seeing the wrap! The neon logo is great- really detailed and nice. The only part that feels off to me is the number of little segments you have on the inner parts of the two outer half circles. Seems like too much to me since they could easily make that in 2 pieces or less with real neon tubing. Although, I don't know what the regular logo looks like- maybe it's dashed lines?
  8. I love this so much! And I love cats! Except my cat, Rosie, who looks just like Storm (or Strompie?). She is such a pain. In fact, as I'm typing this she's trying to walk on my keyboard and sit on my lap. Now she's purring. Ah, who am I kidding. I still love her. Great work, man!
  9. Wow, congrats to the winners! Really fantastic work!
  10. Great solutions here! I figured out how to adapt @noseman's xpresso to a single wheel which looks ahead a bit rather than rotating at the exact tangent of the spline. I wanted to add a "lean" effect where the wheel (or I might adapt it to a flying bug or airplane) leans into the curve like you would on a bicycle. Ideas? Rolling Wheel Xpresso Aim Direction 02.c4d
  11. LOL! We all very happy now! Great work!
  12. Thanks so much, @ahven! I don't know why I just saw this now, but I really appreciate you commenting.
  13. Thanks! Yes, this solved my problem! I was still confused why this didn't work by just using the Remapping tab of the Volume Builder Field. I tried "Invert" next to "Strength," but that didn't do the right thing. Then I happened upon this solution- Set the Max to -15 (you have to type it in) and uncheck "Clamp Max." I did an A-B comparison of the two options and I get the exact same result as with the Rangemap layer. Just thought I'd throw that out there if people want to simplify the number of Field layers in their project. I'll admit that the Rangemap is more intuitive to me, though.
  14. I should have mentioned that @everfresh helped me out with some of the rigging for the bra clips at the end. And of course many other clips were collaborations, but I directed and/or played a lead role in all the work seen here.
  15. Yeah, I've been a bit quiet lately, but I'll try to get on more often. Thanks for the kind words, Dan!
  16. @Igor thanks so much, man! I really appreciate it!
  17. Hi, you might know me from around the Cafe already (been here for several years), but I wanted to put an official introduction out there. My name is Nate VanderPlas and I've been using C4D since 2011. I also do lots of other animation stuff besides 3D- like VFX, compositing, motion graphics, and 2D character animation. I have a brand new website and reel. Check it out: natevanderplas.com Thanks for reading and have a great day! Nate
  18. Thanks, Nose Man! I went through the whole thing twice, following all your steps exactly, but I can't get the Rangemap to do its job to reverse the data. My spheres look just like yours before the Rangemap (kinda lumpy and squished in the wrong places), but when I add it and adjust the Max Output to negative, it's like the Smoothing is just turned off. Any ideas? I'm on R20- not sure if it only works in R21, but I don't know why that would be. Has anyone else tried it in R20? I've attached my project file if that's helpful. Thanks! Sphere Packing Problem- Nate v1.c4d
  19. Thanks, @Shibby! To ease everyone's minds, I did just receive an email reply from him, so I can confirm he's not trying to scam us
  20. I emailed yesterday but did not get a response, not that I would expect that yet. @teknow you saw a similar post, but was it from the same company/person? @Shibby seems to be legit if he indeed does possess the @duggal.com email address. They seem to be a reputable company in New York, NY, although I hadn't heard of them before.
  21. I'm also available to help if needed. I'll PM you.
  22. Ok, found an approximate solution! EJ Hassenfratz from Eyedesyn made a tutorial and he uses a Connector (Fixed mode) to connect the soft body to a null object with a Ghost dynamic tag on it.


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