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  1. send file link here and we convert this for you
  2. I change my profession. I will be a taxi driver and part time Cinema 4D artist.
  3. I have used DaVinci Resolve few times. It´s pretty good for editing.
  4. At least it is more depth in colors. This can be achieved also in post production but good if you can get the good color range straight in rendering without post.
  5. I am in no way a specialist in xpresso I just know some basics. Why not ask Tony Barone at Creativecow? I hope you find the answer.
  6. Hi I think you have to work inside Xpresso + random output of cloner.
  7. Try this? “XPressions -> Set Driver” on a User Data Entry and then “XPressions -> Set Driven” on the “File…” within the Render – Save Setting.
  8. Nice one. I have r19 and never used any control nodes. Hrvoje and Igor the same?
  9. Yes I totally agree. Perhaps some automation could make some private company stuff easier too.
  10. Some face results seem to be distorted. Very interesting. I disagree that AI is not taking peoples jobs. There has been even more self service points on my town in few years than before. Let´s say it is not "the AI" but generally the digitalization progress culture which is the same root of job loss. More money for mega corporations.
  11. Yes ranting is ok but may be done in off topic area. Users should focus on art instead. This c4dcore ex c4dcafe has good moderation but also good folks imho.
  12. Indeed. Forums should focus more on art and how to run challenges and not gossip about what is wrong with industry. Industry may have changed but computer graphics has gained a lot of new techniques and ideas to share. Still focus in gossip about GPU prices because that is very important for arts sake.
  13. Oh really? That is nice to know. Yes I know the discussion went off the rails. It has a portfolio section that is quite useful for me at least. It was best forum when there was lighting challenges. Perhaps I post there for the sake of nostalgy. I am very old member and joined in 2003. CGSociety was established in 2001. The atmosphere is not the same I agree. I browsed new art community named Trojan Horse was a Unicorn. Spotted same guy here: https://www.trojan-unicorn.com/gatherings/knights/leonard-teo/thu-gathering-montreal-2018
  14. Better one https://cgsociety.org/
  15. I totally agree. Leading artists are using Cinema 4D because it is an industry standard. Blender is really not an industry standard but a good software for game devs and indies though.
  16. I only use it for this purpose at the moment to find free content. I understand that you have more technical background and therefore your focus on things might be different. My critique for UI is for the tabs. I only do not like the idea that user have to change modes to work with the project. It is just very inefficient workflow or there is no workflow at all. UI should have the same window system with less modes then it is efficient. Just like in Cinema 4D. You have a default mode, modeling mode, texturing and sculpting modes. Not more. More is just a scam to lose a deadline. Keep it tighter to work efficient. The more tools you have the less time you have. Blender is for dabblers and good for game developers. Not very good software for serious archviz company or motion graphics. I have archviz company and make some animations for 80€/ hour and have no time to dabble with interface. As a 3d-generalist artist and use tools that are best for certain purposes. Blender unfortunately does not suit for me as full professional 3d-production pipeline because it is too slow for me to use. I use Blender 3d-models to create graphics for computer magazine in Cinema 4D + Photoshop. Sometimes you have publishing deadlines when you do not have time to model from the scratch. Then for example Blendswap is a good place to find Blender models. Such as this: https://ahven.cgsociety.org/jnc2/robot-priestess I have found only one youtube tutorial Blender for Cinema 4D artists by Helge Maus that explains how UI works. He is a special guy who is not limited by any constraints of any software but that is very rare. This is a Cinema 4D users forum so I should not be concentrating too much on Blender. Just my 2 cents.
  17. I have used Blender to find free models. Actually I have used it for liquid simulation too. Archviz projects often needs vray and corona so why bother to use Blender that even does not have sunlight expression that is basic tool in all archviz. I someone tells that gui is elegant in Blender let me laugh.
  18. Yes sure. Free student version works as an advertisement gateway for schools. Students can first test Cinema 4D on their personal computer.
  19. That is very nice to know. I got one request about teaching 3d basics with Blender but as hardcore Cinema 4D enthusiast I was like that "I like only to teach Cinema 4D". But on the other hand I could pick up Blender and teach how to model a teacup or dice that is very beginner level. I felt that some private schools do not afford anything but blender. Of course this is also a wise move from MAXON because otherwise students will choose free software over expensive. https://www.MAXON.net/en/article/MAXON-one-subscription-now-available-to-students
  20. Cool I got to check it out! Never liked anything that says pre render cache when producing 3d-animations.
  21. Just yesterday I had some time to test out animation cache in Corona renderer. I agree it is bit awkward if you need to render something and have some preview ready for client. I use Corona for still images only at the moment. Perhaps I could check out Redshift too. There was a nice demo in Videocopilot that got me interested in Reshift on a first place.
  22. You can render UHD cache in Corona and render animations with animation mode. Just like you do in vrayforc4d. Perhaps redshift is more beginner friendly if you don´t have to pre-render illumination cache.
  23. Perhaps got to learn some basics like modeling a dice.
  24. Basically just drop into R23 and you are done
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