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  1. Hey there, I'm fairly new to ARNOLD for C4D, and I'm wanting to stack 2 textures, and have the top one have some transparency (a mouth that will swap textures so it animates). When I add the mouth overtop, its alpha actually cuts through both textures and makes that part of the geometry disappear. Is there a way to prevent this? I may actually end up building this differently, but I'm wondering if there's a fix. The alpha for the mouth texture is a separate B&W image and is hooked up to Geometry > Cutout Opacity. I've added the C4DtoA tag to the geo and turned off Opaque. Thx very much!
  2. Awesome! Thanks so much @srek. I think that will do the trick. We'll just use that as a matte and adjust in comp. Cheers.
  3. Is there a way to make a gradient on an object that is based on its shape? We have a US map and we want each state to be darker around the edges and lighter in the middle. Is there an automatic way to do this, or do we need to UV and paint this? See example image below (it's rough and just in B&W). Each state is an extruded spline with a slightly rounded cap, BTW. We're actually using Arnold to render, so if anyone has an Arnold solution that'd be amazing, but I figured we could generate mattes with the standard renderer and adjust the renders in comp if need be. Thanks very much!
  4. Amazing! Thanks very much for those techniques. Much appreciated @deck
  5. Hi there, I'd like to have multiple shapes that have a wave/sinewave deformation move along one of their edges. Ideally the other sides would remain static, but if not, no worries. These objects would basically be extruded boxes with very little Z depth. See attached image. I assume this is fairly easy, I'm just not sure how to accomplish it. Thanks very much!
  6. I'm new to X-Particles. I'm using it with Cycles 4D in S22. I'm trying to get a trail of smoke behind my model, and I'd like the smoke to use the color of the model (take it from the texture, so for example it appears in yellow from the yellow parts of the model). I know that having the object's texture drive the color is possible with regular X-Particles, but I don't know if Explosia can do the same thing. Alternately, is there a way to get a smoke/dust/chalky look without using Explosia? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi there, I've got RSMB V5 (from 2017). Are there any meaningful benefits to upgrading to V6 at this point? Does it work any better? From the release notes (https://revisionfx.com/products/rsmb/after-effects/release-notes/), there seem to be no real changes for generating straight-forward motion blur using Motion Vectors. Thanks!
  8. Wow - thanks so much @southpaw! I really appreciate that. I'll check out both of those solutions. So how were you able to actually bake the animation? I searched around but wasn't able to find out how to do that. Much appreciated!
  9. Hi there, I'm trying to get some animation from a scene with dynamics into AE. I have a cube cropping down and dangling from a string, which is using dynamics (it's kind of like a gift tag). What I'm trying to do is to have the cube replaced with different images in After Effects, so that I can re-use the rendered string several times, but have full control over the cube in AE (then I can rotate it, swap it out, etc). I got the method from Eyedesyn's excellent tutorial (youtu.be/gYtPa43ttUM). It worked great, except the string wasn't keeping up with the cube, so under Project Settings / Dynamics / Cache, I hit Bake, which solved that. I tried adding an External Compositing Tag to the cube, which has its anchor point at the top centre. But it doesn't give me any animation when I pull the C4D file into AE and extract 3D data. The solid in AE just sits there. Any idea how to transfer the animation of the cube dropping, bouncing around, rotating, etc into AE? I've tried baking the different objects with no luck. Is there a way to bake the position/rotation of that cube to keyframes and bring it into AE? Something with PLA? I'm not really familiar with any of that. Here's what the animation looks like: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rnc4y1vc9kwsi8o/Dangling string-v001.mp4?dl=0 Thanks very much!
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