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  1. Version 0.0.3


    Select a polygon or multiple polygons and then run this script to create a pole at the center of each polygon... a sometimes useful step in retopology and/or for more visible control when working with (or destroying) n-gons.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This simple script combines several steps into a one-click solution. Automatically set the selected tracks in the Timeline's F-Curve View to relative mode. It will automatically select all keys of the currently selected tracks, set to relative, zoom to fit, then deselect all keys. Hold Alt/Option while invoking the script to reset the tracks.
  3. Here is an updated version that includes a reset (hold alt/option and click) Auto_Relative_Selected_Tracks.zip
  4. But there is! Just drop this simple script I attached in your scripts folder and then add it to the timeline palette and save the layout and/or assign a hotkey to the script. Auto_Relative_Selected_Tracks.zip
  5. Now we just need a node-based compositing module like Fusion Studio built in to C4D
  6. I'm not saying I think this is the case here but I've seen something similar to this happen with other software I use just a few months before that company announced they were bought out...a last effort to superficially increase the value of the company before documents were signed. ;)

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