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  1. AFAIK fluids are not yet implemented, there may well be on a road map but I think the main drive is to get Reactions fully functional..It really is a massive project in comparison to TFDv1..not an upgrade but a whole new concept. I have been very busy on non C4D stuff but i will be getting back to Reactions shortly and as soon as allowed I will be making tutorials for the C4D world...but I have to admit is still a bit overwhelming for me. My son has just finished a degree in programming so I hope he will come on board and master RAKE so as to teach me.
  2. As said before he really is a cool dude, if you bought a licence in say 2014..you paid nothing more and get updates to this day.
  3. it's in late closed beta phase and should be released for general beta testing soon. It is a completely different beast to TFDv1..think more Houdini.
  4. What is your PSU ? This will be a power vampire.
  5. By the time R25 gets it's bugs ironed out R26 will be approaching..it is always the same..the forced marketing need to keep giving point upgrades with new gimmicks rather than building on an existing release and making it rock steady stable- which C4D once was. Since R20 it has been a case of renaming the product to Cinema 4D Not Responding. And the crashes remind me of people getting their plugs pulled in the Matrix, R24 will often just die on you.
  6. well sorry can't help then. I know in the past RS can stop C4D loading but you say you have removed the plug-in folder so it can't be that.
  7. no..there are optional feature upgrades that you may have hidden and I was having the same issues as you and could not get the latest nvidia drivers to install. So I took the update to v 20H2 and then was able to not only install my gpu drivers but quite a few other issues got ironed out.
  8. Check you don't have feature updates hidden you want you get to v 20H2, then you should be able to load the latest drivers
  9. Make sure you run the optional update you should be running windows 10 v 20H2 I am on win pro os build 19042.110 you can find this by rick clicking on the windows start and choosing system
  10. Update to the latest windows version, I was having problems with several programs and could not update my gpu drivers, when i accepted the Win10 update it all got sorted. Also try removing the redshift folder from plugins. if that sorts it then you need to reinstall RS
  11. Why would you want to block any Maxon connections ? And why would these connections stop R20 from loading ?
  12. My expectations is a steady increase in instability as we have seen since R20. R25 will probably auto open task manager to quicken the use of the "end task" operation.
  13. Your going to struggle with that I would suggest a min of 32GB RAM and a min 8GB GPU
  14. Fruit flies like a banana !
  15. Been years since I set up a network share and I am very rusty !! I have an SSD drive on a machine and I can network OK between my 2 machines ( Sometimes I do get issues with one or the other showing in explorer but can always ping) Now they connect via direct 1GB Ethernet cable and I have set a folder on the SSD as a shared folder \\machine2\ssd\caches\ I have set my TFD configurations to write caches to this mapped z: share but when I look in the SSD folder after a simulation on the other machine1 I see two folders and an Empty TurbulenceFD Caches 001 folder and a User folder. The later is a standard user folder and if I drill down through the levels - app data-roaming etc I get to a C4DR23 folder and there are my caches. Now if I simulate on the machine2 which holds the SD and sim to a Z drive a new folder is created called Program Files and within that is MAXON R23 and then my TFD cache Basically this is a hair pulling pain..what is Windows 10 playing around with ? This is not what I want of course, I simply want the drive Z to appear as a normal drive to all machines on drive Z none of this user stuff. What am I missing here ? It seems happy to create these 2 Cache folders but does not want to populate them directly
  16. Stability and to be able to look back with "Nostalgia" at the Task manager and " Cinema 4D - Not Responding"
  17. It sounds a bit "vicious" or should that be "viscous"? They should make the plug-in trial a bit more friendly. Puns like that deserve a slap...and is it even a pun ?
  18. I am not having any issues can you load up a test scene that repeats the issue and I can test on my end. My TurbulenceFD Tutorial Set
  19. We must not forget they were dropping death onto people..many innocents died on both sides. Each bomber was death with wings.
  20. Very rough and dirty test on collisions. I need to get the smoke to hug the skull closer, improve the quality and set a scene with some more interesting layout, lighting and animation up hence the reflection flickering on the skull and the naff floor as they are just a placeholders for the TurbulenceFD testing. When it is all done I will put up a tutorial and scene file. https://youtu.be/rJC5OoGHtvs
  21. What render engine ? With Redshift, Arnold and Advanced render you can render directly from bcf files though Redshift loads vdb much faster there is less hit, if any on Arnold using bcf..or is that just an xparticles thing?
  22. I based it on this. It was just a fun test really for ageing the film and the TurbulenceFD needs some work but I just slapped that on..very quick setup job and fun to do.
  23. STILL getting comments on this saying it is "Fake" ..How very dare they !!! https://youtu.be/GZ759tQkjxU
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