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  1. Indeed. Zbrush is the one 3d app that I have never been able to get along with. But I do appreciate its functionality.
  2. Rejoice! In the latest version of Blender it is now possible to drag a modifier to another object in the outliner to copy it! Blasphemy!
  3. Ah, such a shame: I just tested it with C4d and Mini Mouse Recorder + greenshot, and it works great! For Mac there's Automator - this should work as well. http://www.macosxautomation.com/training/automator/tut04/04.html
  4. Perhaps Mini Mouse Macro might be easier: just record your actions, then turn on loop, and allow it to run the macro. https://sourceforge.net/projects/minimousemacro/
  5. Are you on Windows? If so, this can easily be automated with AutoIt. https://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit/ I would solve this with a combination of GreenShot and AutoIt. You would only have to create one initial screenshot of the window region that you are interested in, run AutoIt with a simple loop script that clicks the same C4d button to progress one frame ahead, tells Greenshot to repeat the same capture, save, and so on.
  6. (Ex)LightWave users might not like the name 'Core' 4D all too much... Good luck, and I am looking forward to the changes. Good to see other software covered as well.
  7. For me as a freelancer the upkeep and cost of Cinema 4d (Studio bundle) wasn't maintainable, so I switched to LightWave a decade ago, and later to Blender + 3dCoat, because LightWave just did not receive mentionable updates and wasn't being modernized - excepting the render engine, which was updated to a slow CPU only one (which produces quality renders, but with the competition doing it much faster...). At work (part timer) I have access to C4d, as well as Max and Houdini, so I still use C4d at times. I still very much like working in C4d. Heck, I started out on the Amiga, and use
  8. I have that book! I got it when I forced myself to learn more about sculpting 3d models, rather than relying on polygonal modeling only. I know what you mean. Last few years I did more hard-surface modeling than anything else. I plan to force myself to sculpt as many characters as I can this upcoming Summer. Currently it is just too busy at work.
  9. My opinion about this (and many artists share this opinion): without a good understanding of anatomy of humans, animals, and such, it will be exponentially more difficult to create convincing models or sculpts of fictional characters and stylized characters. Unless you understand how everything 'relates' in reality, abstracting reality is just not easily possible, if not impossible - because without actually KNOWING how stuff works, it is impossible to reference it adequately. Simple as that. This is why learning to draw the human figure (and various animals) is also recommended fo
  10. I am unsure about ILM (I did do a quick search on Google, but nothing related to ILM no longer making use of virtual sets came up), but it seems at least other studios and series have utilized the same virtual sets: Netflix's The Midnight Sky and Jingle Jangle. Various parties are interested in establishing a standard for virtual sets. The main issue right now is hardware: as anyone knows who tried to purchase a new graphics card, that supply chain is severely bottle-necked. As for traditional CPU rendering versus GPU rendering versus GPU realtime rendering: as far as
  11. True. The good news is that an asset manager is worked on and assumed to become part of v2.93. If you are missing the parametric objects from C4D in Blender: a free plugin adds most of these to Blender. https://github.com/WiresoulStudio/W_Mesh_28x/releases Would be nice if that were to be a default option with all objects. Luckily the devs seem to be tackling more and more paper cuts, and the outliner is steadily improving. It's taken a while, but better late than never, as the saying goes. You only need to delete the cube once, an
  12. Definitely. It is much improved in 2.8 and 2.9, but the outliner in C4D is still much more usable. I think you are talking about light groups? Base Cycles in the regular Blender doesn't offer that (yet?), but eCycles has that option. This is already possible. Hold down the ALT/OPTION key to change parameters for multiple selected objects simultaneously. Also works for animation. One thing Cinema4D has improved on in the latest 2 versions is pure raw mesh editing performance, which is ~2-3 times faster than Blender. And the subd modifier performance whi
  13. 2.92 released today. https://www.blender.org/download/releases/2-92/
  14. I would say 'many' or perhaps 'most' professionals, rather than 'every'. I know plenty of archviz people who earn their living with alternative 3d apps.
  15. I almost never purchase AAA games at release time. I wait at least a year or 18 months, or so, when all the major bugs have been squashed and I can get it at 30% of the official price (or lower), all DLCs become available in special "ultimate edition" deals, and the community/developers have had time to improve the base game. And I play games on all platforms throughout game history through emulation. Yesterday I played through Cesar the Cat on the C64 in one short sitting - what accomplishment! Although I did get AC:Valhalla for free with my new 3900 CPU - but still
  16. Your geometry contains loose polygons. Use Mesh-->Remove-->Optimize, and the bevel will work properly.
  17. This? http://matniedoba.de/selection-to-object-split/
  18. Btw, an offshoot of OpenToonz: https://tahoma2d.org/ A friendlier interface, and while it is not aimed at storyboarding, it is still very useful for quick animatics, as well as full vector/bitmap drawing support.
  19. I agree - the very first version I did not like all too much. A year ago I tested it again, and it had much improved. It will work with PhotoLine or Krita now - not only Photoshop.
  20. You are in luck. I was in the same boat a year ago, and I discovered this little gem: https://wonderunit.com/storyboarder/ Best of all: it is free! *Edit* Get the latest version from Github: https://github.com/wonderunit/storyboarder/releases
  21. AMD ProRender 3 released today for Blender. The major change is support for hardware-accelerated ray tracing on AMD’s Radeon RX 6000 Series GPUs: something previously only available on Nvidia RTX GPUs in the native Cycles renderer. http://www.cgchannel.com/2020/11/amd-ships-radeon-prorender-3-0-for-blender/
  22. A new point release is installed alongside the older versions. So if you have 2.90 installed, 2.91 will be installed as a new version, and the older version is still available. To transfer existing preferences and add-ons, do this: https://twominutetuts.com/tutorial/transferring-settings/ And a free addon is available from the Blender Cloud to synchronize settings and preferences across multiple machines. https://cloud.blender.org/services


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