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  1. I'm afraid my magic 8 ball has no answers right now. We simply won't know until it happens. Huge speedups are to be expected when working with large numbers of cloned and parametric data (100,000 trees in a forest for example) but the slowest elements of character animation are generally the deformation system and if using mocap data, large numbers of keys on the timeline. To Petter specifically: which xeon gold chips do you have? Typically those sorts of cpus are more geared towards lots of lower effort parallel workloads, often they come with low single thread clock speeds which aren't good for workstation use.
  2. In the object manager (top right) select 'Layers' from the view menu. It looks like the previous person to use this project told the object manager to only display objects based on their layer assignment. Now you can just select all the layers in the layer manager and hit delete Or worst case scenario, select everything and copy paste it to a fresh project without any weird settings.
  3. Delete out all the geometry and materials and upload a file here. Ive had similar issues here, but id need to have a look at what else is going on in the file.
  4. Just out of curiosity, how large is very large?
  5. Nvidia control panel Manage 3d Settings Power management mode : Prefer maximum performance
  6. One nice quick thing you can try in general when having gpu crashes is to stick the driver into debug mode. Debug mode sets the clockspeeds down to the official supported numbers rather than the small overclocks that most gpu makers apply to their cards. If debug mode fixes the problem then at least you now know where to look to fix things. Debug mode is under the help menu of the nvidia drivers window. Keep in mind any windows or driver updates will reset this back to disabled.
  7. I dunno about you, but I've never seen them in the same room
  8. C4D will by all accounts get a significant speed bump when Maxon switches out the old object system backend with the new neutron node core. Whether this will happen soon enough for your needs is a question that nobody currently has an answer to.
  9. Edit > project settings Bottom right corner. Sure it doesnt say 25?
  10. It is a model series, but for once the model number actually stands for something significant. There used to be GT, GTX and other meaningless models names, but now the RTX cards have Ray Tracing sections on the chip. Re: pcie lanes, dont worry about it too much. With gen 3, x16 and x8 have a couple percent difference in speed, it only really drops off once you reach x4 speeds. With pcie gen 4, you move everything up a notch. So 16 or 8 lanes of gen 4 makes virtually no difference. Going from 8 to 4 lanes gives a couple of percent drop, then down to 2 or 1 lane you start to notice a real difference.
  11. What do you think the RT in RTX stands for? RTX varies a lot scene to scene depending how much glass, metal, fog etc is used, but it probably averages out to a good 30% speed boost in octane. Some scenes it will get you 10%, others it will half render times.
  12. Yes, you will get 96gb of usable gpu memory. Keep in mind though that octane only shows half of this. When it fills up, it will overflow into the other gpu's ram though, so you can use 96/48 gb
  13. You want every folder on your harddrive to remember a specific position, size and display setting?... So I open my documents, then open up the textures folder within it, but now it jumps 6000 pixels to the right, on a new screen and changes shape, just because thats what it last looked like?...
  14. Windows 11 installed. Nothing exploded C4D R20 - R25 all work, Octane 2020 works, photoshop, After effects, premiere all work Windows screenshot tool is broken, but thats a known issue apparently. Rysen 5950x, 128gb, 4tb m.2 gen 4, gf3090
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