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  1. Hi there Is it possible in vray 5 hair material to have a gradient ramp that changes color from root to tip? the only mapping i can get is the uv from the hair projection geometry. I know that in 3ds max there is a shadder called Vray Hairinfotex that does the trick but here such element doesnt exist. How do we have color variation in c4d vray? thanks Joao Batista
  2. I wish i learned c4d sooner. i started to learn 3D in 2006 with 3ds max 06 (the first version with mental ray). At that time i thought that software was great, but in fact didn't had any experience in other 3d apps to compare. Later in 2014/15 a friend of mine challenged me to learn c4d since we were doing a lot of work for advertisement and tv, and 3ds max sometimes was a bit of a strugle to do more complex stuff. That was the best advice i got in my entire professional life. Learning this software was an eye opener and i realized that i simply spent way to much time in such a crappy app like 3ds max. Of course there were things in max that i missed but it in the end it really changed my career for the best. When comparing both apps, these were the obvious things that blew my mind when i learned c4d, and made me never go back again to autodesk c4d xpresso -vs- 3dsmax wire parameters c4d constraints -vs- 3ds max constraints c4d mograph -vs- 3ds (nothing) c4d sculpt sys -vs- 3ds (nothing) c4d bodypaint -vs- 3ds (nothing) c4d character rigging -vs- 3ds max cat and biped c4d object manager -vs- 3ds layer system c4d multiple object and property selection -vs- 3ds (nothing) c4d object morph system -vs- 3ds max morph modifier c4d timeline curve editor -vs- 3ds max curve editor c4d graph/gradient editor -vs- 3ds crappy graph/gradient editor c4d procedural worklow -vs- 3ds max clunky workflow c4d object based modifiers -vs- 3ds max stack (sometimes was good but i prefer c4d's) c4d learing curve/interface -vs- 3ds max learing curve and interface c4d modelling (this one was harder, since 3ds max was also good,but in the end i think i prefer c4d) things that i missed from 3ds max 3ds plugins (some were great) 3ds Slate material editor (very good) 3ds edit poly as a modifier (super usefull) 3ds some modelling tools and some from the ribbon 3ds max UV tools I the end the gain was so obvious that right now i really dont feel the need to return to 3ds max. Thats why i really wished to learn c4d way sooner. cheers
  3. Hi There You can try putting your spline (with displace deformer) inside a mospline and then use the mospline to guide your objec (align to spline)t. it will work like a charm. cheers
  4. Hi Since Maxon is upgrading animation tools and timeline capabilities in the previous versions i really would like to see a better animation layer system. The Motion System in c4d has a huge problem that makes it unusable for me. Since its based on a Motions System Tag, it requires the hierarchy to remain unaltered through the animation. This is a big problem for riggers that need to constantly add stuff. Also a system for painting vertex weights with layers in order to be less destructive. Also how about some new sculpting features? Now that maxon owns a sculpting tool how about sharing some of those nice features and better performance. cheers
  5. Regarding the Asset Browser and external files (textures, scene files etc) i only have one tip: Close it and use the (legacy) Content Browser. It's wayy better and without any of those entanglements. However if you want to insist , you have to create a database in preferences and then a category. Only after those you can start puting textures in it by dragging. However, it won't work as a link to your tex folder unlike content browser. cheers
  6. Hi there I have an idea from a different aproach. If your selections are already named test or whatever, there is a way you can filter them. In object manager go to view and choose vertical tags instead of the traditional horizontal ones. Now your tags are presented in a sub folder for each object. With the object manager search bar now write the name of the selection, and it will show only the ones you want. then you can select them or create selection objects if u want to make it faster next time. hope it helps cheers
  7. Excelent tool. Works pretty well in R23. Many Thanks!
  8. Content browser in this case (pipeline teamwork) is more flexible. it can read your computer folder structure, network drives, and network location (like other pcs ). So its easy to see the entire project structure inside your cinema 4d. But you can also create favorites. In this way you can see your target folders (most used ones, asset folders etc) immediately instead of jumping around the structure. Since its reading from the OS, every update (file creation, updates etc) is immediate and ready to use. You just need to drag it into your scene and done. Obviously there are things that could be better, like some kind of shared libraries (for things like materials, presets etc) across projects and between users, but those were the kind of things that i was expecting. Not a replacement new system that in my opinion is inferior and its not production ready.
  9. This system works when we do it for one time and then its done. Now imagine you are working in a production with more artists. Assets are being developed all the time, others changed and stored in certain folders across a network. With the asset browser we have to manually update (assuming the assets are not always xrefs) and add each new asset constantly. Then we have to assume the databases created in each artist setup is similar in order to keep the project with same structure. I see a lot of problems with this kind of structure. Its much better to rely on something that reads the operating system file/folder structure and then all the assets inside those folders are constantly beeing updated with 0 effort, relieving that duty from the artist.
  10. You have also to clean your donwload folder (you can do it in preferences) from time to time. I dont think this system is practical. Materials work ok but i have a different example. Lets suppose you have a group of c4d files each one has an xpresso tool or an object or another thing. Those files are stored in a certain folder of your computer. In order to see those files in your asset broeser you have to create a database, create categories, and then put the files in the category(ies). you can drag multiple files but you have to accept one by one. Imagine if it's 1000 files (like for example assets). in the content browser, you go to the folder in your machine, create a favorite and its done. it takes less than a minute. But its not over. For some reason each time i want to merge one of those files into my scene, i cant drag it. It only opens the file and then you have to copy the asset. For me this is one of the worst tools i ever seen. it really needs much better development. If maxon wants my feedback, it is simple. Just put content browser back on and reserve the asset browser for scene nodes only. cheers
  11. Hey i didnt find that option either. But there is a link. Not very practical but it works. https://www.maxon.net/en/downloads/cinema-4d-s24-downloads/?utm_campaign=qsnews&utm_medium=quickstart&utm_source=maxonc4d
  12. That's exactly what i feel right now about this asset manager. it feels very limited, and it's a pain to create libraries with our own files. Plus, all the assets are in the cloud and each time i need a new one i have to download it to a certain location (and then i have to clean that download area) in order to use it. I really prefer to download those packages one time and use them when i want, even if i got no internet. This asset manager is ok to work with the node system but for everything else is a really bad tool. Maxon, please do not get rid of content browser since its a much better tool and simpler to use. cheers
  13. Thx for the answer. I also tried what you said in the step 3 - "copy to database" but its not working. i wonder if this is some kind of bug...
  14. Hi I'm trying to understand how this asset manager works but i'm having a hard time doing it. I really like the legacy content browser and i'm sad that its going away since it's perfect for what i want. My major concerns and doubts around this new system are these: 1 - In content browser i can create favorites for real folders inside my pc structure or in the network. All the assets inside those folders are real files that exist and i can change them in order to other people to pickup. Now this is a good production tool since its very easy to setup at the beginning of projects. Also, i can navigate in my computer structure wich is a valuable capability when i need do dive inside specific folders. But this was already mentioned before. 2 - I managed to create a database in a custom folder in my structure. Its easy to activate and de-activate them in the preferences menu, so far so good. Creating categories was easy also. Now i wanted to import lets say 20 files of c4d, each one with an xpresso tool that are stored in a folder of my own. Folder draging was not working (dont even know if it is possible). and i had to drag the files and insert each one in the database. Dragging multiple files is allowed but we have to check each one, now this is a very lame function. Imagine if it is 100 files or 1000 files. Once again, this is not production ready since it takes a lot of time to do simple stuff. 3 - This one i really dont know if i'm doing it wrong, probably. I have my c4d tools files inside my categories. Very nice. Now since these are tools i want to merge them with my project files like i do with content browser, however dragging files into the scene is not working, there is no merge option and if click the file it opens the file itself. How can i have a library of stuff if each time i put it in the scene it opens the file instead of merging it. These are my main concerns. The asset manager is suposed to be a production tool to facilitate our job but right now is so far behind the content manager that i prefer to call this another tech preview. I would like to ask if you felt the same issues or if in this case i did something wrong. I really need to know this tool before trying to implement it in my studio's pipeline. Thanks Cheers
  15. Hi Also: You can also use dinamics. each object is a rigid body and the camera has an atractor with negative force so it repels objects at same time they colide. another way, but this one is a little weird, is to use a camera grid deformer that deforms based on the camera view. But that one will deform your objects unless u use a matrix object. personallly i also prefer Decks mograph solution, but theres also alternatives cheers
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