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  1. That issue is also present in the .015 version. This might be a R25 issue.
  2. Hi If the objects you want to manipulate are parametric objects (generators), then its possible using a little xpresso that makes the math for you. For each polygon you add, the xpresso can multiply it for 3 or other value. but that is also something you can do it manually. cheers
  3. Pole Vector is a free controler , like some sort of look-at system. it aligns the direction of your IK chain or in this case the elbow. It must be well located because if it is in the same point / coordinate of the elbow joint it will flip your chain like in your video. it should be away from the chain but in order for the arm to move freely . Using pole vector has advantages and disadvantages. It alows to create seamless IK/FK transitions in custom arm rigs wich is awesome. It is also important to create elbow/knee lock options in more advanced limb rigs. However it's also another controller that we must animate and place correctly. like the IK target. You can also regulate de angle manually instead of using the pole vector if you need or prefer. cheers
  4. Hey Check your arm IK's pole vector. It might be that the reason for such weird behavior. If you want you can also choose to switch from pole vector to manually assign the elbow direction. You can do that in the arm IK tag. Cheers
  5. Many of these bugs seems to have apeared in this 25.113 version. I really recommend everyone to stay one version down or in S24 or R23. The node editor i still a bit buggy but it will get fixed eventually. Right now is more important not to screw up the remmaining good tools. cheers
  6. Found another nasty bug in this version (25.113). In some project files when i export an FBX camera for further use in another app, the system simply frozens and ceases to respond. I've already submited a ticket to maxon. However if anyone experience the same issue just beware. right now i've returned to .015 and its working fine. by the way, this is just a mere curiosity. Each c4d install file from the previous versions is around 530~520 mb. This one is 446mb. Looks like someone forgot to send the complete stuff eheeh. just kidding cheers
  7. As a c4d user working in a stable pipeline i will always favour stability and efficiency over inovation. For me its more important to correct buggy tools than having a ton of new improvements all messed up. R25 might not have many inovations/upgrades overall but the fact that we can use geometry modifiers nodes in the object manager as standard deformers (the way we are used to) is a huge step (its like adding +20 new tools) but in the end it was resumed to only one line of text in the ugrade list. Capsules make Node functions possible in the Object Manager. This "upgrade" is equivalent to hundreds of upgrades in softwares like 3ds max for example (the other 3d app i use). However, this is not an excuse for all the bugs that are present in this version. The way i see maxon coming out of this release is to at least erradicate most of the bugs and problems that persist over several releases and assuring a stable and strong platform for the upcoming versions. This is a crutial point. That includes not addind more bugs (wich appened in this update). If c4d becomes another bug hell fest like 3ds max then its not worth it. Blender is also full of new features but each time we try to use it here is filled with bugs and crashes. cheers
  8. Hey Unfortunatelly i noticed that Maxon changed the order of some icons and deleted its path. Some new icons like the animation tag are above old ones so there is no way to replace it unless i change the new version. This was a quick fix in order to re-establish the viewport/ curve editor icons , etc and other that i really need and were gone. This "mix" is meant to help during the transition to the new c4d without causing chaos. Fixing the txt file was the real deal in order to achieve this. cheers
  9. Atention This version comes with an anoying bug. Each time we add an effector to a cloner (not dragging, just adding) it creates two of the same effector, duplicating the effect. Come on Maxon. Fixing errors its ok but please dont create new ones. You guys still didnt fix the keyframe bug in the re-effector. cheers
  10. hmm You can still improve a lot with those settings. IT might not be good enough like blender but it can be better than that. Try changing some settings. play with it. Im sending a screenshot with something i did very fast. cheers
  11. Hi You might get something close to that using the ambient oclusion but with the invert direction on. Standard or physical Render. Cheers
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Hi There I recently posted this but since this is the download area i'll leave it here. This is the modified interface file with a mix of recent R25 Icons and S24 for the missing parts. This way we can see all the missing icons. I also changed the color pallete for better integration with the remaining icons. instructions: just replace the original files with the ones inside the zip file. !! always do a backup first !! the file locations are here: C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R25\resource\modules\c4dplugin\icons Hope you like it Cheers
  13. Hi Everyone I'm really anoyed with these missing icons. I have a fully custom interface that is strongly icon based. Right now in the R25 version i have a lot of greyed squares with nothing there. For me this is unaceptable, so, based in some posts here i have customized the icon file and the txt as well. It seems to be working fine, with a mix of R25 new icons and S24 in the missing spots. For me this frankenstein interface is way better then only r25 with blank spots and it will help with the transition. Iv'e also greyed some of the s24 icons to match the new color pallete. If you want to try, i have the files here. Just do a backup of your own before replacing with these. The icon files are located here (C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R25\resource\modules\c4dplugin\icons) Hope you u like it. Cheers fixed_R25.7z
  14. Hi there Is it possible in vray 5 hair material to have a gradient ramp that changes color from root to tip? the only mapping i can get is the uv from the hair projection geometry. I know that in 3ds max there is a shadder called Vray Hairinfotex that does the trick but here such element doesnt exist. How do we have color variation in c4d vray? thanks Joao Batista
  15. I wish i learned c4d sooner. i started to learn 3D in 2006 with 3ds max 06 (the first version with mental ray). At that time i thought that software was great, but in fact didn't had any experience in other 3d apps to compare. Later in 2014/15 a friend of mine challenged me to learn c4d since we were doing a lot of work for advertisement and tv, and 3ds max sometimes was a bit of a strugle to do more complex stuff. That was the best advice i got in my entire professional life. Learning this software was an eye opener and i realized that i simply spent way to much time in such a crappy app like 3ds max. Of course there were things in max that i missed but it in the end it really changed my career for the best. When comparing both apps, these were the obvious things that blew my mind when i learned c4d, and made me never go back again to autodesk c4d xpresso -vs- 3dsmax wire parameters c4d constraints -vs- 3ds max constraints c4d mograph -vs- 3ds (nothing) c4d sculpt sys -vs- 3ds (nothing) c4d bodypaint -vs- 3ds (nothing) c4d character rigging -vs- 3ds max cat and biped c4d object manager -vs- 3ds layer system c4d multiple object and property selection -vs- 3ds (nothing) c4d object morph system -vs- 3ds max morph modifier c4d timeline curve editor -vs- 3ds max curve editor c4d graph/gradient editor -vs- 3ds crappy graph/gradient editor c4d procedural worklow -vs- 3ds max clunky workflow c4d object based modifiers -vs- 3ds max stack (sometimes was good but i prefer c4d's) c4d learing curve/interface -vs- 3ds max learing curve and interface c4d modelling (this one was harder, since 3ds max was also good,but in the end i think i prefer c4d) things that i missed from 3ds max 3ds plugins (some were great) 3ds Slate material editor (very good) 3ds edit poly as a modifier (super usefull) 3ds some modelling tools and some from the ribbon 3ds max UV tools I the end the gain was so obvious that right now i really dont feel the need to return to 3ds max. Thats why i really wished to learn c4d way sooner. cheers
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