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  1. Being a long time C4D and octane user I was looking fwd to a better way to store materials etc. However I find the new asset browser a nightmare for a number of reasons. It mangles the files - changes all the names - so when saving with assets the names are not useful anymore (Book-roughness.jpg, Book-spec.jpg gets replaced with junktext). When you have shared textures it doesnt care and auto generates more junk, its useless when switching apps especially as files you once understood inside the tex folder become unusable. Then there is issues when deleting. I have had files that simply would not delete nomatter what. I imagine Maxon isnt going to change this but has anyone else found a better way to have a large material database other than the local DB inside octane which renders each time to display taking forever to open when you have a lot of materials. I havent heard much hate for this yet which is surprising as I expect like me you will have assets from many years you wish to use without the app changing and rearranging everything.
  2. I have always used EXRs (OctaneEXR, variety of compressions and floats) with AE in the past years without much issue. However recently I was getting terrible memory overuse in AE and it took me an age to work out that it was because of EXRs. Not noticed in short jobs but when you have around a mins worth of 1080p content you will start to see your machine (win 10) overuse memory (killing my 64G). I have been told my test files were ok on the mac. I have resorted to PNG32bit for the time being without the issue happening. I have wasted many days trying to figure out what is going on, for example the same EXR seq as an AE project brought into Premiere is 100% - no issues. Yet again Adobe isnt testing things as well as they should be, EXR is an important format to support. Hope this helps someone.
  3. Actually after restarting everything (parsec and R25) the issue went away. May be a Parsec thing not being passed through but weird that it was only happening in R25. It it shows up again will add here as it may happen to somebody else.
  4. When looking through a camera targetted to an object I was always able to use the keyboard 1234 to position my camera while the camera stayed trapped to a null for example. In R25 the viewport acts different for me (using parsec atm mind you) it doesnt stay trapped within the confines of the target tag, moves all over the place (looking through this camera and moving using viewport). Not sure where this is controlled, any help in getting it back the way it works in all other C4D since 16.
  5. Thank you - I think the grey one is a bit easier on the eyes - the default one I find quite harsh to look at. I think the contrasts are too severe - may be my screen mind you, but thanks for this.
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