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  1. If I was just to name one it would be the select many objects and change one parameter for all of them at once or even use something like x*3. but there are so many more: - that plenty of the widly spread UI paradigms are used like double click for renaiming or left click for select or Alt navigation and that theses things are consistant throughout the Programm. this seems to be a small thing, but in the CCD area there are still a lot of applictaions that just expect their users to do everything differently. - copy paste everywhere - renaiming tool - rename next object just by clicking down arrow - that there is a icon and a menue entry for every feature (at least in the versions I mostly work in 🙂 - the way the UI presets are handled, and the way you can change the UI. (after studiing the new one I personally have to say, that the old one unfortunately is better, so the wrong direction unfortunately, but still better then a lot of the competition) - and much more
  2. I had the same issue (red banner) but it is away now (after aprox. 24h) and if this message is visible i am allowed to post now, too 🙂
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    in the end of the nineties in truespace you where able to bild walls from cubes and then setup a wind object that blew down that wall. with physics and everything. crazy 🙂 It took ages for other 3D software to catch up in that respect.
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    This sounds like my story LOL
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    I think a forum like this one should encourage different opinions and not limit them. An open exchange requires that everyone tries to write in a balanced and friendly way. But it also means that you have to put up with other opinions. Unfortunately, that is something that has generally gone a little out of fashion lately. I would like it if we would manage to accept different opinions in such a forum, which exists only for the exchange of knowledge and opinions. This means that you do not always have to respond to an unpopular opinion until a heated discussion arises. If you want your own opinion to be accepted, you must also accept other opinions, otherwise it can not work. This thread is an example of what breaks a forum. It's not one opinion or the other, it's the compulsion to want to be right and from that comes an increasingly heated discussion. it's that discussion that is toxic, not the differing opinions. Many of these persuasive posts have no contribution of their own to this topic. They have completely taken on a life of their own in an attempt to know better.
  6. Jops

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    I would really love to get a anwer to that, but This exact thread might not be the right place for the discussion it will trigger as it Is much to important. Let us try to find the best possible way to make this forum finacially stable together.
  7. Jops

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    If someone posts something that obviously is ment to be open for interpretation, then it might get interpreted.
  8. Jops

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    So many things I want to say. So here's a quick summary. It's complicated. What is a forum and who contributes to a forum? Basically everyone does except the secret readers (but that's ok of course). All to different parts and in Igor's case and the moderators' case it is certainly more work than a hobby. Igor and in principle also the moderators and all those who do more work with the forum should get an appropriate compensation for it. Without this compensation this institution core4d does not stand on stable legs. I would also like it more if there was another way than a membership fee, not because of my 10€ per year, but because one way or another a payment will slow down the growth and acccessability of the forum. You can argue that a forum doesn't work as a pay service and I feel that maybe not all other options for monetization have been tried. But clearly the forum is growing despite the €5 entry fee. Therefore I don't see to much of a problem with 5 EUR per 6 Month. But I think it is important to correct the communication. Writing a bill for people typing helpful answers in a forum is not cool. But with the offer that the membership fee of 5 euros allows 6 months access to the forum and then must be renewed can possibly be more acceptable for people. So I would strongly advise not to make two different systems out of it, but simply to limit the membership to 6 months. In addition, I think it is important that people can decide whether they want a self-renewing membership, or pay each time anew. I appreciate DMCGAVRAN participation in this forum. However, I don't think his "joke" was very well done. There is a difference between exploiting a commercial product that everyone is already earning very well and satisfying your sporting ambition by pushing the limits of your customers to maximize profit, and being so overloaded with the workload of a community service hobby that you have to generate at least a minimum income from it.
  9. I find personal attacks not acceptable. Especially does a personal opinion not justify a personal attack. A decission that a company makes and that impacts someone personally can be a reason for harsh critics but does also not justify personal attacks. The line inbetween is unsharp though. The forum owner can interprete it as he wishes. As he can do with the forum what he wants anyway. I dont care how you name the reaction for that, punishment or not. My humble option is though that I prefer reactions to the originator, not to the group of wich many didn't violate anything. You have great experience with moderating a forum so i value your opinion and i think that we might not be apart that far, but of course i also have mine. And for the second reason, that a discussion is turning in cyles (not stated by you). Well I didn't have this impression in this case and i would prefer this not to be a reason for closing a thread.
  10. Welcome and good luck with that;) you might consider two workstations with 4 grafics cards each. this way you can handle downtimes much better and the scaling of the many grafics cards can be better, too.
  11. Johanal's Statement is definately a personal assault and schould be dealt with. But closing this thread doesn't punisch him, but everyone else. I don't think that people should be punished for repeating their opinion. This can be tiering but maybe a ignore feature would help with that.
  12. Thanks cerbera for your work as moderator. You are making a great job. A job that very few can do for a longer time, because it comes with a lot of work and responibility and little apreciation and money. The discussion we are having here should be not about this one thread, but about what this forum is about. One can define, that this should be a forum without any politics involved. And striktly be a helpdesk to answer technicsl problems. For me this would be a place to visite only seldom. The best visible part of this forum though is the general discussion as the gossip keeps people coming. Maybe you have to change that visibility if you want to get rid of "such" general discussions. Last thing: It might be hekpfull if you could post your reasoning for closing a thread. I personaly could imagine, that a personal message would also have worked to calm down this thread instead of closing it.
  13. I don't understand this. If one of my posts was part of the reasoning, then please pm me and let me know what the problem is. I dont think that that thread was toxic. Just one angry post in it.
  14. Thank you very much for the insight. I am happy to hear that there was a reaction from maxon und hope, that in the future maxon will not drive a way more of the few plugin developers that they still have.
  15. Its not if or if not maxon is suposed to integrate new tools, that are a plugin solution already - of course they can and have to, But at least they could have informed him early what they are planing, so that he can alter his tools to still stay interesting. that wouldn't have cost nothing. they also could have offered him some days of consulting to inform themselves how his tools got used, that could have been of benefit for both. Maxon can decide what kind of plugin developement comunity they want, if they act accordingly. there are many things they could do to make the life of plugin developers easier. for example a official store.

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