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  1. I am not so into subscription, and planing to purchase one or two licenses of octane 2020 perpetual (the last perpetual of any GPU renderer that I can find) On paper it look great, Noise reduction, Aces and RTX3000 support. Even though I have worked with octane I have no deeper insight If this version is really worth it. Could someone help me out? - Is ist stable? - how far is it behind the newest version? - is any netrender ability included? How is the licensing? Do I need a new license for any node, or do they offer render nodes? I am planing to work with it in R20 thanks a lot Jops
  2. [I] After This Video I feel so uplifted! I feel so connected to this Company. Stuff like this is what makes the customers happy. Everything is going to be fantastic.[/I]
  3. Oh man, again? Sorry. Just flying over it, otherwise I would not have the time to post anything 🙂 It wasn't on purpose, sorry.
  4. check if the instances that get created are set to renderinstances or regular ones. Renderinstances might not work.
  5. R25 just is a mess. I don't want to reduce the work of the developers, as I think it is a result of a change in development principles. I am shure they are doing what they can. Today it is quite common to develop parallel not sequential anymore. R25 and the "secret" and retracted 25.016 feel more like a build of the current development instead of a finished product. I personally do not care how they develop, but I think the customer has a right to get a product that feels finished. I wanted to write, that R25 is not suitable as a perpetual version (who wants to pay >3000€ for this without the hope to ever get a finished product) but as I see it it doesn't matter if you are on subscription or on perpetual. People have to work with this software every day and for this price point they are entitled to get at least a cohesive software that is stable and complete. As a perpetual customer you are stuck with a expensive "beta" version of a software, but as a subscriber you also never get a finished product just a new "beta" version. Don't understand me wrong. C4D still is acceptable to work with (I had to work with S24 wich was much better than R23) but R25 with its unfinished and unnecessary UI overhaul new bugs and clumsy updates really feels like a unnecessary release to me. If they can not produce a finished product every half year, they should skip the S releases. No one is helped with new but over and over unfinished releases. People have to work with this software, it is not a computer game or something.
  6. Tgis looks great, thanks a lot!
  7. my information is, that if take the offer to "convert" the license then you loose your perpetual. If you just start a new subscription you keep it.
  8. Thanks you so much for your thoughts on this. It's nice to get a detailed assessment from someone who has obviously put some thought into this, or had to 🙂 I really wish that the customer communication would be as open and clear as your statement. Blender clearly shows how far people are willing to carry a project if they feel they are being taken seriously. But equally they are adamant when they feel screwed. The discussions about Zbrush have surprised me. That so many people outside this forum have the same impression about the development of Maxon and communicate it so harshly shocked me. Even if I knew it in principle. Many of these harsh statements here and elsewhere are the expression of disappointment. And for many it is not about the speed of development (which, if properly communicated, is not a problem for a long time, see star citizen) but about the simultaneous hard, almost boldly displayed business decisions. I don't think this incredibly expensive loss in customer satisfaction would have been necessary. However, you didn't want to be drawn into the communication discussion. Nevertheless, thank you very much for this contribution! p.s. I also would prefer to live in a country that can count vaccinations 😄
  9. There is no r22, only s22. That means 22 was a subscription release and therefor there unfortunately is no perpetual version of it that you could buy.
  10. I made a bold statement in a thread here in the forum that people who have been using c4d for a long time tend to stick with R20 or R21. While agencies and users who are newer to C4D more likely use the newer versions. That is my personal experience. To check this thesis I make this survey. I want to make it clear that there is no right or wrong, and that I have absolutely nothing against „noobs“ or „old farts“ 🙂 It is a complex question to fit into the polling tool, but I hope it is ok as it is now.
  11. Because mainly bigger agencies and Beginners are on subscription. The guys that are in business for a longer while stayed or switched back to R20 or R21. These are my personal findings anyway.
  12. It will be of little use to users. C4D and Zbrush simply have too few connection points. Also, Maxon is primarily interested in growing, so it is not practical for them to integrate features from one program into the other. Sure a little bridge here a little bridge there, but no real integration. They haven't even integrated redshift yet. So it's about increasing the portfolio to become a big player. That means owning as many tools as possible and getting money from as many people as possible, even from the people who only use a small part of the tools.
  13. ok, so no R25 for me then. Man they really lost their mojo. Its a bummer ... and sad.
  14. did anything change regarding the icon situation? I didn't see anything while quickly flying over the release notes.
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