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    Hi all, I am trying to work out how to use UDIMS with redshift in c4d. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I watched a video where the guy changed the 1001 to <UDIM> but that doesn't work for me. Much thanks, Damian
  2. Problem solved. Turns out I just didn't have enough space on my root drive. My project was not saved onto the root drive but I assume it copies to the C drive before copying to the render nodes. Odd because I did have enough space, but when I freed up more it started to work straight away. Stupid small SSD. :D
  3. Hey all, I am having an issue with my render farm/windows/team render. When ever I try to render with team render I get this error in the log: <result>Error - Saving Image</result> I have checked and AFAIK all firewalls are off, tried turning anti-virus off too. Tried rendering different scenes. Even a new one with just a cube in it, but still same issue. Also tried rendering to different locations. Any ideas? Much thanks, Damian
  4. Thank you for your response. I've tried rendering a simple scene with no textures. Just a cube and a light. Even that won't render. The issue seems to be that the nodes see the server as "Online, Verified Me, Not Reachable" I have no idea how to fix that. Any thoughts? Thanks again, Damian
  5. Hi all, I am trying to render on my 12 node render farm. (Studio R17) I was having issues a couple of days ago as I changed routers. For some reason Team Render wouldn't work at all. So last night I swapped routers back to my old one. I did a test render last night with all nodes and it worked perfectly. Now I go to render a job. On my main PC all nodes are online, I can ping and run a connection test. All good. But when I put a job onto render I'm getting this error on the nodes: (Error) Transfer of job failed: 'Give me Render-Job' could not con
  6. Hi there, I have a small render farm of 12 nodes. With the exception of one node none of the others are showing up as active in the team render machines window. A couple are showing up in black text (with a tick) Some of these are showing unknown version. One is of these is showing up as a 0ghz machine with 0 gb ram. Then I have some showing up black without text saying unverified but shared and online. Though I cannot verify. On PC is grey with a tick but unknown version. The only thing that I have changed recentl
  7. Hi there, I am trying to render an animation of a character that has hair dynamics.. over team render on my mini-render farm. I have cached the dynamics of the hair simulation. But when I render on team render there is discrepancy between the dynamics of the hair between nodes. By that I mean there is a difference in the hair between the render nodes. What I am guessing is the hair material that is driving the frizz/kink etc is possibly causing the issue as it's being interpolated differently between nodes. I am guessing there isn't any way to ca


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