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  1. I think if viewport perfomance becomes like houdini, it will be a blast, i dont need other features personally. I struggle with heavy scenes thats my main thing. And i hope for multithreaded dynamics
  2. oh nicee! yea im confusing u i guess. I had some courses from this forum about TD etc and thought is was u. In any case good luck
  3. Hi, I wanted to ask if its possible parametrically to bind a connector into the first clone only. I can make cloner editable and do it, but if there is a parametric way would be awesome Cheers,
  4. Great stuff Igor. WIth ur knowledge of c4d/xpresso houdini probably is a great fit for you. Fun to see this post here in these forums What some studios do to keep things more simple/efficient, is exporting ur alembics back to c4d to use Redshift there (not always possible due to c4d viewport performance, cause u will see the difference is huge). You can also export attributes from H to c4d. And also use MAXON noises to bring into H. U ll probably find along the way that many things are much easier done in c4d, so exchanging files with attributes between these 2 software, is a nice wo
  5. Hey there, I am looking on how to achieve this effect on 54 sec: Where cubes and toruses scaling and rotatin and one affects the other seamlessly. Is this xpresso? Suggestions please Thank you!
  6. thanulee

    Spring break

    Oh wow! Idk whats going on here I ll take a look again! Thanks
  7. thanulee

    Spring break

    Hi, I have been using this great script by Jake Allen at Sarofsky. In short, all its doing is the following: - Select any points of an object - Script creates a separate spring for each point at the exact point position. This is extremely handy for soft bodies and other dynamic rigging scenarios. Atm the script only works in R20. I guess this is due to Python change in R23. Is it possible for someone to check out and tweak it so it can work in R23? Many thanks! Spring Break.py
  8. Hi, I have a rig with some constraints driven by one object's rotation. When I place the rig inside a cloner and use a random effector to randomly offset time, only the object with rotation gets affected. The others with constraints are not. What am I missing here? Thanks
  9. Try adding a render preset from Octane and do same. Maybe its octane related only.
  10. I found it, its magic bullet causing, in case someone has the same issue. U need to disable "Save preview" from MB looks Imo there should be an option to remove MB completely when u make render presets, its unessecary
  11. Hi, R23 seems to be taking its time (around 10 sec or so) to save an empty scene. Rings any bells? Thanks
  12. Heya, When "auto frame mode" exists as a button on timeline, c4d hangs during initialization at "initializing layout" Could u plz check if its the case there as well? Thanks
  13. thanulee


    My bad I was placing it inside scripts! I get this issue if i accidentally try to select a loop that is already there : https://www.dropbox.com/s/hvbc9z39nzcfs36/ringloop.webm?dl=0
  14. thanulee


    This is what i see
  15. thanulee


    Heya, I get this with R23 and its not working here. This is v05. Any ideas? thanks!
  16. Heya, I migrated to sub in R23. And I am looking for a second license from time to time so i can have a 2nd workstation backup. Im not gonna do full sub there, just pay some months when needed for work. So my question is: this license that I ll be on and off, will it have a steady serial or how does it work? I am asking this, cause im using a lot of plugins and the majority requires a specific serial to bind onto (at least in R20 that was prior). Thanks, apologies if stupid q, im not familiar with new sub system and activations.
  17. Hi, One of my main things with 3D is using all types of simulations to get nice abstract artworks. While xparticles are there and cover that area in c4d, a solid cloth/soft body simulation tool doesnt exist. The controls we have and everything are great but.. performance is extremely poor. So i was wondering, when I can find plugins like this : https://3dtools.info/shop/uniflex4?fbclid=IwAR2z_TojC9kJNjQ7SHGDjWnUr3WYRTWWfK9AaLQ-ZjnoAraqm6t2GUZyw7I why MAXON doesnt do a native tooll ike this? This is a very old plugin btw, works really fast few versions now and no matter core of
  18. thanulee


    Beast!!!! many thanks!
  19. thanulee


    I m being a pain in the ass I know haha. If/when u have time, this one is also extremely handy for R23. Cheers!!
  20. Wow you are a beast mate!! Many thanks!! ps. I ll take a look on the rest of ur plugins/scripts probably i am not aware of these.
  21. Oh now i know why i got confused about versions, i was also checking the ringloop! U have 2 amazing utilitie plugins cheers
  22. Oh sorry I got confused cause I was looking at another script. Is there a possibility to update it for R23? Its a great addition! Many thanks!
  23. Hello, Is this compatible with R23? I get errors I think and script is greyed out! Cheers
  24. Hello as im trying to install my previous plugins etc for R23 i see some errors in the console. All plugins im using at the moment, are compatible with R23 so I dont know what this message is about. Any ideas? Does this affect me somehow in some core functionality? Cheers
  25. Could u please clarify? Why each employee cant have one indie version?


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