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  1. 53 minutes ago, HippoDasTamus said:

    Wow, people are really pessimistic here.

    I ll be very honest only reason i upgraded from R20 to R23 is cause I have files from other people while freelancing. As a studio, we were not intending to.

    R21/s22 and R23 have next to 0 new features. Unless c4d turned into blender... and suddenly "bevels" is considered a new feature, or "unwrap" and "mixamo rigs".Also the idea of "looks" in the viewport, is... I will mention here the silent abandonment of ProRender. Clearly there isnt a solid plan last few years.
    Feels like c4d is not addressing to professionals anymore but tries to reach a much broader audience (business wise makes total sense). Same time, the price tag is definitely for people that earn and not for hobbyists or people that are just starting out. Therefore I expect MUCH MORE than a bevel improvement, sorry MAXON.

    Concluding, I dont understand the S22, R23 indexing in versions, while it should be R22. We are not going faster by adding numbers. It felt like a marketing trick.
    Same with scene nodes: since they are far from ready and they gonna change and they gonna be back end as well, keep em hidden and announce em due time. It reminds me of Octane where it comes with bells and whistles and years later the features are not even there. 

    As c4d turned my cg carrier around in an extreme good way, I must admit now that it has brought me into a halt. Unfortunately, I am not that technical to jump into houdini, and same time c4d limits its own capabilities in the last 2 versions. IMO, c4d is not a modelling software, nor a char animation one. Its main thing is mograph and why people choose it over other ones. And its main competitor is houdini and not maya or max.

    I am not the person that speaks in public about software issues or requests, i just take things as they are and try to do my best with what I have. And I am extremely grateful for my switch from max to c4d 3-4 years ago. But, truth be told, I am pessimistic as well about the future of c4d 🙂


  2. 2 hours ago, Igor said:

    Is that thing free and free source? I was amazed by the cartoon shader, really impressive, not sure about other things, I might check it at some point, but for now I would like to focus on Renderman, thanks for sharing!! 🙂 


    @thanulee Thats cool to hear, but my goal is to make a full transition. Right now I am all in modeling nodes and modeling ways. I am kind of impressed how fun it actually is once you start to understand the possibilities and different way of modeling. After that, I will be going toward simulation and dynamics. But lets see, baby steps. :cowboypistol:


    P.S. - XPresso and MoGraph was kind of Hrvoje things, not mine. 😉

    oh nicee! yea im confusing u i guess. I had some courses from this forum about TD etc and thought is was u. In any case good luck 🙂 

  3. Great stuff Igor. WIth ur knowledge of c4d/xpresso houdini probably is a great fit for you.
    Fun to see this post here in these forums 🙂 

    What some studios do to keep things more simple/efficient, is exporting ur alembics back to c4d to use Redshift there (not always possible due to c4d viewport performance, cause u will see the difference is huge). You can also export attributes from H to c4d. And also use MAXON noises to bring into H. U ll probably find along the way that many things are much easier done in c4d, so exchanging files with attributes between these 2 software, is a nice workflow.

    I totally recommend "dont be afraid of houdini" since Mark Fancher is a top notch motion designer and the specific course is addressed to c4d users.

    I am really curious about the performance increase we can get in c4d with future versions. I am not a fan of scene nodes as I simply wanna use the object manager.
    But I think c4d is very limited at this stage in comparison to H. I wont even compare dynamics, but i ll just mention the performance of instances, which is crucial for offsetting keyframes etc etc. 

    Lastly, there is this plugin inside H called MOPs which simulates the cloner behaviour and makes it very easy for the c4d users by not exposing all of the backend at once (not that u need it i guess hehe). It might give u some ideas though https://www.motionoperators.com/


  4. Hey there,

    I am looking on how to achieve this effect on 54 sec: 

    Where cubes and toruses scaling and rotatin and one affects the other seamlessly. Is this xpresso? Suggestions please

    Thank you!

  5. Hi, I have been using this great script by Jake Allen at Sarofsky.

    In short, all its doing is the following:
    - Select any points of an object
    - Script creates a separate spring for each point at the exact point position.

    This is extremely handy for soft bodies and other dynamic rigging scenarios. Atm the script only works in R20. I guess this is due to Python change in R23.

    Is it possible for someone to check out and tweak it so it can work in R23?

    Many thanks!

    Spring Break.py

  6. Hi,
    I have a rig with some constraints driven by one object's rotation.
    When I place the rig inside a cloner and use a random effector to randomly offset time, only the object with rotation gets affected. The others with constraints are not. What am I missing here?


  7. Heya,

    I migrated to sub in R23. And I am looking for a second license from time to time so i can have a 2nd workstation backup. Im not gonna do full sub there, just pay some months when needed for work.

    So my question is: this license that I ll be on and off, will it have a steady serial or how does it work? I am asking this, cause im using a lot of plugins and the majority requires a specific serial to bind onto (at least in R20 that was prior).

    Thanks, apologies if stupid q, im not familiar with new sub system and activations.

  8. Hi,

    One of my main things with 3D is using all types of simulations to get nice abstract artworks. While xparticles are there and cover that area in c4d, a solid cloth/soft body simulation tool doesnt exist. The controls we have and everything are great but.. performance is extremely poor.

    So i was wondering, when I can find plugins like this  : https://3dtools.info/shop/uniflex4?fbclid=IwAR2z_TojC9kJNjQ7SHGDjWnUr3WYRTWWfK9AaLQ-ZjnoAraqm6t2GUZyw7I  why MAXON doesnt do a native tooll ike this? This is a very old plugin btw, works really fast few versions now and no matter core of older versions, this is a legit solution without having to wait rewriting the whole software (for those who will argue about scene nodes etc). 

    I am really expecting a lot more regarding dynamics in c4d, since its great power is mograph and should stay on top of this game. I know we aint getting something like this in R24.. But hope dies last 🙂


  9. Hello as im trying to install my previous plugins etc for R23 i see some errors in the console.

    All plugins im using at the moment, are compatible with R23 so I dont know what this message is about. Any ideas? Does this affect me somehow in some core functionality?



  10. Thanks buddy! Glad i know this is not a bug 🙂 Will try to find an answer to cinversity for this since, I dont accidentally add keys!
    This function serves me really well and saves me time. 

    Thank you all


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