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  1. I get it that it takes someone's time, but i will never believe that it takes more than 10 min to confirm the details. Especially if there is a clear form, on their website, with all the details they ever need to see. If they have some paper documents to support that, that's another 10 min. £175 for 20 min of work ? Dream job. And also there is no way they will take a programmers time to do such things, i m sure they have operations/sales department who takes care of that. Which is the job they being paid to do anyway. So such a stupid fee is clearly just to 'milk the cow' as much as they can. JOPS is right, they could put someone from management to do this and charge 3 times that, simply cause they can. Also agree, but they should also consider their customers sometimes, who are creating money for them, and eventually will leave them, if things like this will keep happening. It wont be all of them, but it might hurt their budgets a bit. Recent decisions put a lot of C4D users against them, I'm seeing a lot of people switching software. A lot of Redshift user doing the same.
  2. Go into 3d industry they said, it will be fun they said...and you will make money, said nobody 😄 C4d Its probably the best tool for the job for that price. but its getting worse with every new `feature`. Soon they will start charging for daily use or login into maxon account. or contacting tech support... Or maybe its just the world that's going mad.
  3. Hii. I just noticed that maxon is charging transfer fee of £175 for simple licence transfer. Is that a new thing ? Or do they just seriously taking a piss out of every customer ? Paying to get product, paying to keep it every year and now paying to get rid of it... What a brilliant business model. Greedy bastardos. https://www.maxon.net/en/legal/license-transfer
  4. Hi again, another issues with particles. Maybe some one has figured this out already. I have a mesh, I emit particles on each polygon, I use xpFragmenter to attach each polygon to a generated particles and with turbulence modifiers they just fly off. But the polygons are not getting any spin from xpSpin modifier. I know about rotation in the Emitter settings, but those are being applied immediately after particles spawn. I need to trigger it later, once they flying away. I have tried keyframing the values but that didn't work unfortunately. Any way of doing that ? Seems like xpSpin ignores the mesh that's being created with xpFragmenter. hmm, nevermind 😄 i think i got it 😜 not very random, but it will do just fine
  5. Hi there. Im having a trouble rendering these boxes with Redshift. Ive added RS Object tag to the Emitter, it has an option to render custom objects and if i add default box into that field it will render, But it doesnt pick up any scale modifiers effects i have set up for particles. Screenshot below. Scale Modifier in jiggle mode, with sound to control that effect. All work perfect, in viewport. Is there any way to render it in RS ? or to add that jiggle effect to custom box in RS Tag? I can render it in Cycles if there is no way to do it in RS, but i thought i would ask first. Thanks.
  6. I might try that at some point. I was hoping for a very quick solution 😄 But thanks anyway.
  7. Hello, I just found this topic. I'm having same issue, but on S24 with Redshift and Xparticles, on Win 10. Viewport will just lock itself, cant do anything inside. I can click the multiple viewport button in the right corner, that will change the one viewport to 4-way split screen, but that will instantly crash C4d. It happens only on specific files, on one project im working on. Most of the scenes are fine. Not sure if thats windows updated related. But if anyone has a fix for it - please shout out 🙂
  8. Hi, jumping in with a question regarding main C4D project settings for colour profile. I understand how to set render settings, but what about Project settings for ACES workflow ? sRGB or Linear ? Are those settings correct sRGB with Linearize workflow enabled ? Thanks
  9. I have not used S24 licences yet so I wont be able to help, but i would suggest reinstall C4D that will let you add the licence again, i guess. But also to try in a new topic, this one wasn't about licence's issue.
  10. Hi. I have a Cinema 4D R20 Studio Licence if anyone would still be interested in that version. Lets start with £800 but I'm open to offers. I can't use it on my new PC, it wont start with interne connection, too many problems to sort it, so I'm moving to S24. PC spec just in case if anyone would have similar one - C4D r20 might not work as well : MSI z590 Tomahawke WiFi motherboard (which might be the reason why it wont work - Ethernet controller has some personal issues with C4D apparently) i9-11900k, RTX 3090, Samsung M.2 SSD., Corsair Vengeance DDR4 ram 2x32 3200mhz. Do i have to get Maxon permission to sell it or would it simply be a matter of transferring it using form on Maxon website ?
  11. I gave up trying to fix it. I'm going to waste more money and im moving to S24... Happy days. Anyone wants to buy R20 licence ? 😄 Topic can be closed, i guess.
  12. Small breakthrough: if I disable internet connection completely - C4D will start. Doesn't help me with anything, just narrowing down the issue to ethernet controller i guess. I mean It has to be Ethernet Controller. What else ? I've already updated all the drivers, although they were almost up to date. I ve also found some info about faulty controller on z490 motherboards. Im on z590 - maybe with same issues ? But i still don't think it would "attack" only ne single software... I am able to start C4D Team Render Client and do full C4D update.. which is another mystery to me, how that can work and main C4D not ?
  13. Funny you said that, from day one with this issue, i didn't had that Bonjour, I've installed it at some point to see if that will help. With or without , makes no difference C4D wont start. I don't have anything like Apples network discovery tools installed either.
  14. Yes, last few days I've been talking with one person from Maxon tech support, and he don't know what is causing this issue. I also wrote on few other forums - no luck. Well i kind of need internet connections, so my RS licence will connect to the server and i will be able to use it. Same with x-particles. And simple C4d updates. I'm not getting any errors, no bug reports, no windows popping up. For a second i can see C4d windows process in task manager. So its trying to start, but it instantly shut down by something. I added g_console=ture to the shortcut, to see what's going on while its starting - nothing unusual.
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