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  1. Hi how can i create this kind of logo effect in c4d/ Thanks
  2. Spline Mask is just cutting the edges not fitting inside the shape, just see the attach reference.
  3. your method is very good, but how can we fit them in a complex shape like the one in the attachment?
  4. hello great work. can you explain the process from the beginning to end how to make these texture, like what angel of the camera you use to take the picture, and then convert it to channels?
  5. Hi can you show the method how you create the Elevation model from CSV file in C4D?
  6. Dear Cerbera that was just a test, but it want to find a way to get the elevation model from from xyz point cloud data.
  7. hello how we can create Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from xyz coordinate file? without any plugin DEM xyz text file is enclosed? DEM XYZ.txt
  8. I did it via cloner, but it was not properly scalling on the polygons, but later on i am able to achieve it. thanks a lot, appreciate you.
  9. Hi How can i create the Knitting on a T Shirt. I have uploaded the T shirt and Knitting pattern in the file, i have tried many ways but it is not aligning properly on the surface Knitting shirt.c4d
  10. how to create a Helix like the image attached, or is there any other way to do this?
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