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  1. WOW this did it! Thank you SO MUCH @bezo! You are an absolute life saver!! Thanks!!! 🙂 Small aside: Did you get a "Magic Bullet" error when opening this project? I'd love to remove that from popping up every time as I don't recall using that for this project but I don't know how to get the error message to go away.
  2. I've stripped it down as much as possible. Here is the file (7MB): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wR7K1lIDqjIn0eNZgIszhkISgx_bkect/view?usp=sharing Sorry for any error messages that pop up, I don't know how to make them go away even after removing the objects using those plugins. It's not that complex, but I have a hard time understanding it as it's been over a year since I've touched Xpresso. I've made a short 30s video of what we should see (left) vs. what I see (right). The valves should be moving independent of each other but they don't. Both of these are the exact same file save.
  3. Yeah it's looking like this is gunna be a little more difficult. I'll load up R19 at work tomorrow, strip down the animation to its core components, load it up both in R19 and R22 and make a 60 second video going through the differences to see if its a super simple fix. I bet it is lol.
  4. Hi Bezo. Interesting, but yes if I open the same project in R19 and then in R22, it works in R19 but not in R22. Looking at the Xpresso there are no undefined ports. Going into search looking for this "coffee code" I do not see any results. I apologize for my ignorance on this subject.
  5. Hi there. I recently upgraded from R19 to R22, and my expression broke. I am so stressed out because to make it work the first time took over a month of asking online for help and I don't know how to solve it. Is there some sort of Xpresso converter or something that makes it easy? Lol I imagine not. I am so stupid with this stuff I just don't know what to do at this point, I imagine I'll have to start over and spend a month trying to learn this again.
  6. Wow thanks guys, got a lot to look over on this. Appreciate all the advice. I'll report back in a few months with my progress! 🙂
  7. Understood. My crude model currently consists of a bunch of cubes at this point.
  8. I have some experience with Cinema4D over the years (animation only, no modeling), but I've been really struggling with figuring out a way to explain what I want in my future house in a few years to people and I think I want to properly learn how to model my house top to bottom. Is there a place for Cinema4D in this journey, or is there better purpose built tools out there I should look into? Thanks
  9. Anyone using Octane Renderer have it working in R25?
  10. Are these keys called something specific that I can look up in key-binds so I can change them to shift+scroll wheel for zoom/scale, etc?
  11. I swear in R19 I could press and hold some combination of CTRL (or ALT, or SHIFT) +scroll wheel to zoom in and out but with me trying R24 my muscle memory must be lying to me or the control was changed. Can anyone help point me to the shortcut I need to be able to zoom in and out of the dope sheet without using the mouse controls on the top right?
  12. This is for an empty scene, but if I load my project: From C4d: Object: 5925 Points: 38766726 Polygons: 77322659 Memory: 3.75GB On my other workstation with two M5000's and a GTX 1080 FTW (with Octane Live View off) I get a workable 20FPS with my project open. My .C4D project file save size is about 4GB. I am guessing some will make a comment about how insane this is, and if anyone wants to chat about how I can reduce this size in the future with a given STP file (I do have access to the engineer that has the ProE file if needbe), feel free to chat. That being said, the main issue right now is the low performance with even an empty scene. Yes I play games on it 3-5 hours a day after work and it runs those great, granted I haven't tried gaming since I installed graphic studio drivers while trying to troubleshoot this issue. Very interesting you should point that out. Yes it is connected via Display Port, but it is a 10 meter display port cable. Could that length effect it somehow? It's longer than a standard Display Port cable as the system is in another room to cut down on noise/heat in my bedroom while I'm sleeping + rendering. The chances of me upgrading to the latest Cinema4D has increased from 0% to 50%, so fingers crossed that I'll be able to upgrade and test on the newer software. Otherwise, as it stands right now I'm at the office sadly and it's working good(ish) on my older hardware.
  13. Good idea on this though thanks for the suggestion I'll float that to my boss.
  14. Unfortunately I can't get my boss to approve funding for the later versions. It's fixing this or using my older GPUs in my work system an hour drive away. Any tips people have would be appreciated, it'd save me ~40 hours a month of driving.
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