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  1. Maxon is not a super cool and innovative company, but the other two companies are downright disgusting. I was on the Autodesk ship for a long time and a decade of updates was enough for me where only the release number changed and the number of bugs increased. The second company is simply extremely greedy and enjoys a monopoly in its market gap. I stay on the Maxon ship for a year. Waiting for what they will show with the scene nodes and if nothing changes in the direction of an understandable workflow. Blender will probably become my main working tool and C4D R19 until I fill in the gaps in my knowledge of blen's tools. In any case, it is a question of whether I can compete in the market with such tools.
  2. Damn, I was so inconsiderate. Your comment prompted me that I have not studied this node enough. When setting this mode, my geometry disappeared, you need to enable the New Data Set item. Thanks ! https://i.imgur.com/yiNFmFp.png
  3. I found the necessary node for calculating the normals and already on the second day I can't figure out where to connect it 🤯 Damn even Vex in Houdini turned out to be easier for me. I need to somehow return the recalculated normals to the mesh. Any suggestions on how to do this? screen
  4. I have now started exploring a new workflow. It is a pity that the tutorial material is no longer available. Is there any hope that there will be a new series of lessons?
  5. Found another problem with fields C4D r25.115 2021-12-26_02-14-20.mp4
  6. As you already understood, displacement has been supported by C4D for a long time. You can find this funny turtle scene in the library browser. The vector displacement map is baked from the sculpt's high poly mesh. Cinema has all the tools to do this both in the sculpting tools and in the regular Bake Material tag. In my opinion, the names of some points clearly say that these are vectors. Honestly, vector displacement is not some kind of super breakthrough technology in and of itself. Combination with adaptive mesh subdivision technology is important. Then you will get a mesh with the maximum number of polygons near the camera where it is necessary for drawing details and the minimum where the surface has no details and is located farther from the camera - example Redshift, Cycles. The algorithm of the standard renderer subdivides the mesh even where there is no information about the details and does not take into account the distance from the camera, therefore it takes a very long time and takes up a huge amount of memory.
  7. In any case, I was not going to offend anyone, the more I write on the site dedicated to C4D. To be offended, they will have to purposefully come to this site, find my comment and be offended, but who knows 😂 This is just some statistics on people commenting on releases of any other DCC calling to switch to blender. I got into the habit of visiting the profiles of such commentators in the hope of seeing their achievement, and more often than not there is simply nothing there. On Twitter, I see about 15-20 people constantly experimenting with the bleder (including their developers and addon developers) and a crazy number of likes. Who are all these people hiding behind likes, where is their portfolio, where do they work? We tried to put together an alternative team entirely on Linux and available free software and we could not find people using Blender and decently versed in the basics of computer graphics.
  8. I work in ZBrush, but I still hate its navigation and its extremely cluttered and ill-conceived interface. Like any other application, it has a ton of bugs and downright stupid workflows. I hate this deal because Maxon won't devote enough time to the C4D team. Better if they buy RealFlow or Reaction https://www.jawset.com/pages/reactions-beta/
  9. Why are you comparing ZBrush against one C4D tool? If we compare both applications, then the advantage of ZBrush is only that it processes the information about the grid with the central processor and in some simplified form, cutting off the third coordinate from the vertices. And also the presence of specialized brushes. But this is a specialized software for sculpting, when the cinema is specialized in motion graphics. Decimation Master is almost the same as Polygon Reduction DynaMesh is an absolute analogue of Volume Builder + Volume Mesher ZRemesher - Remesh works reasonably well on simple organic and hard surfaces. It needs pre-assignment of polygroups or splines to indicate how to close the loops, otherwise you will end up with a completely wrong edge flow. Remesh in C4D gives you a choice of how to build a quad or triangular topology, you can also specify the direction for the flow of edges with splines. C4D also has a method for projecting sculpting from higher levels to lower levels. Brushes, masks and types of symmetry. The listed elements are also in Blender. A new Substance Modeler application is coming soon, which allows you to sculpt in VR. Pixologic is no longer an innovative company, and the market is very competitive Maxon just saved ZBrush from Autodesk or Foundry. Considering that official users have not paid for the application for 10 or more years, they should be proud of themselves that they pushed Pixologic to this step.
  10. For me personally, it means nothing. I'm sure that 80% of people watching the lessons from Entagma just repeat the button presses after them and wait for the next lesson, but they are not capable of more. In their lessons, they show principles of mathematics, and not some magic of an alien race. I'm sure Manuel could write a great master class on scene nodes, because he is a technical artist and he doesn't need to see the result in the viewport. He will be able to write code that will give the effect he wanted without having a preliminary render before finishing his work. Scene nodes are not ready, material nodes also have a lot of errors. Viewport is very old and slow, unable to display the work of the material nodes. Artists working in Blender or Substance Designer are much easier, they see the result of their actions in the viewport, it is easier for them to find patterns and understand the work of mathematics. Therefore, they mostly participate in nodevember. I still believe that they are doing everything right. Although not as fast as we would like.
  11. This is a very old modeling problem. The approach itself is not intuitive and is overloaded with unnecessary settings. Guys, I hope one day you will fix this tool. moodeling axis problem For example, a one-click solution.
  12. I am having problems when using a symmetrical cut in the Loop / Path Cut tool . https://www.dropbox.com/s/hnv8ouwe3y7p6qg/2020-08-18_14-10-53.mp4?dl=0
  13. S 22 My favorite bug that travels between releases. It disappears in one and occurs suddenly after several releases again. Also do not work snapping to the work plane. https://www.dropbox.com/s/r2m0hucjivs17sa/2020-04-29_17-04-52.mp4?dl=0
  14. R21 - S22 The node editor blocks the attribute manager. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pskz0911c9izqbn/2020-04-26_19-24-12.mp4?dl=0
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