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  1. "Is it correct to think that if you pay for yearly Fuse maintenance it costs $262/year (US) and if you use the subscription it is $508/year - but you get the same stuff? Why would a person choose subscription and pay almost double for the same thing? " Because you have to own a permanent licence to get the maintenance price. Many of us jumped on earlier & cheaper, but a brand new Fusion 'permanent' (only XP is permanent really) costs £816 including VAT here - so that's the cost of entry to the cheaper yearly maintenance price. Although I imagine that as usual, Black Friday will be the time to pick up a new licence / maintenance if you're after them.
  2. Yeah, with a more-or-less deprecated render engine, it's increasingly going to be difficult for them to command the yearly fee they want. If I were being generous, I'd hope they'd roll in Redshift once Radeon is supported on windows too. Or if they want to sell the base C4D as just a DCC for serving Unreal/ 3RD party engines, they need to drop the price a bit, I think.
  3. No, it's for sculpting symmetrically on an already symmetrical mesh, it's not for re-symmetrising
  4. I think the actual losers in this would be Cycles Perpetual owners who don't have/ aren't interested in any of the rest - assuming Insydium no longer want to sell them maintenance. Actually, the question of Cycles permanent licenses is the big questionmark here in general.
  5. What are the exact goals you want to achieve with Cinema 4D ? I have a colleague who is pretty proficient with Rhino & comes from a CAD background - he also uses Cinema for rigging the stuff he makes in Rhino & for 3D printing/ STLs, more organic stuff,as well as lensing/ camerawork. What are your goals with C4d ? It's a bit like Photoshop in that there are at least 6 unrelated industries that use it heavily.
  6. Yeah, for me this is a bit of a bonus, I had X-Particles & Cycles but now I get all the rest & it looks like maintenance cost will be similar or even cheaper. It's also smart of them - I don't do enough Mograph/ FX work to justify X-Particles really & had been thinking of dropping it & just keeping cycles. The fact that I get a few other plugins (& TerraformFX is one I can put to use straight away), means I might reconsider that decision.
  7. It's offered on the My Accounts page, which won't load as their server is getting hammered, but I saw it earlier. Few quotes I grabbed from their site & FAQ " If you have an active Subscription or a license in its Maintenance Period – Convert to Fused now. If your license is in its Reactivation or Last Chance Period, you can buy a new Fused Maintenance Agreement." " Converting your existing X-Particles license to INSYDIUM Fused will give you access to the full Collection at no extra cost. Please note that only Subscription licenses and perpetual licenses within their Maintenance Period are eligible for conversion."
  8. From what I saw before all the Americans woke up & crashed their server, it's free to convert from an X-particles licence under maintenance period to Fused - you then get Cycles & all the other software & stuff included, regardless of which you owned before. Maintenance looked to be £180 + vat/ year for the whole lot.
  9. Of course, I don't know your circumstances, but I recently finally let go of Octane 4 & got their cheapest subscription, which is more than enough for my needs & suports R23, as well as having some nice updates itself. As stated, you can download the older Cinema 4D versions, in fact this isn't limited to subscription customers, my R23 is a permanent license & I always have the last 2 versions installed (R23, R21 & R20, in my case). You also currently get free beta licences of Embergen & World Creator with the Octane subscription, if these packages interest you, although I suspect they will want to start charging extra for them once they go final release.
  10. I used it maybe 6 years ago, for some previs. I remember it was pretty good. It's very much a particular way of working - it will never give you the ability to stylise like keyframe animation, but then it brings certain other qualities that can be hard to do in more traditional animation. I don't remember it being terribly difficult to get to grips with, overall. It does sound like it might be overkill for your needs. I think it could really come into it;'s own with a field of simulated cars, interacting in emergant ways, though I've never tried that.
  11. Decade


    It's pretty great ! I'd think you'll have a solid grounding in all areas now.
  12. Thank you. It's really fun to texture with Substance Painter. I haven't actually painted anything yet, it's all procedural, driven by the normal, curvature AO etc maps which you generate in substance before starting. Got a smaller one done, this is under tree cover, so lots more muck on it:
  13. OK, got a bigger one done today, might do a smaller one later:
  14. Well, I got bored of this project & put it aside, but now my enthusiasm has returned. Started on some texturing with Substance Painter, have to say I love this program, it's so fun to use. Nothing too fancy, as the buildings will be seen from far away. R23 UV tools really helped to make the preparation fairly painless. I'm toying with the idea of trying to do all the rendering with the viewport render, now that it has improved again.
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