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  1. Just got a reply from RS, it's not possible Redshift cannot render from multiple cameras at once, the c4d camera shader renders from that camera and the result is used as a texture on the main rendering camera
  2. One small step further, found the diffuse shader in RS can hold a camera shader still without any actual image showing up in the render. I've attached a simple scene. camera shading.c4d
  3. Found the right buttons though i'm not sure if it translates to redshift
  4. I'm stuck. I'd like to use the image a RS camera sees as a texture on an object and render that as my final image. For example a camera in the scene is pointing at an object and this is displayed on a monitor. Then I render the whole scene. Picture in picture. I'm sure it can be done but don't know how. Any suggestions? Philip
  5. Cool to play with thanks for the examples
  6. Mad piggy and poor Homer, love the renders
  7. I'll update the note to self and add the outline poly option.
  8. Thank you Mike en Kbar, I didn't know about 4dpaint. It looks very useful especially after watching this sneek peak https://vimeo.com/379678458
  9. After being frustrated i could not use UDIM UV maps in C4D i found out that I actualy can with Redshift. It's simple so I made a note to self not to forget.
  10. Not a script integrated into C4D but a useful script by AndyB at codepen non the less. When you need to generate an UV pattern with a sepcifick number of tiles you could generate it here, set the parameters and RMB to save the image: https://codepen.io/andycbriggs/pen/yGmKLM
  11. Vervy very usefulscript indeed, thank you.
  12. yet another great functionality, thank you dast.
  13. Very very usefull, thank you, coming from modo i have missed a function like this, it should be native. Like align verts top bottom left and right.
  14. Taking it a step further:
  15. reminds me of the Moubius Incal cartoon book series, very cool
  16. Never mind I found it, It's the time source which should be set from global to custom. Set a desired offset every n-th frame and in the f-curve menu set the nodes to stepped. Throw in some offset repeat after for more lasting result and presto. Thank you for listening c4dear cafe. Philip
  17. So I'm trying to animate a material that resembles stopmotion clay. I started out combining three types of animated noise in RS generating displacement but the resulting displacement is too smooth. Is there a way to get a more stepped effect in this noise? It should hold its image for x frames and then move to the next. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Here's the result so far, I've attached the scene (C4D 23 RS 3.0.34) too Thanks Philip bal test.c4d
  18. Ah yes you have a valid point there. In modo you can export the uv's as vector, very useful. Would be on my wishlist for c4d
  19. I remeberd there was a faster way to export UV's from C4D to an image. I could only find tutorials promoting the "outline these poly's " route- so much for my searching skills. As a note to self i made this demo to remember self of this specifick button. I'd like to share it.
  20. LWCAD was just updated to 2020 which means the C4D version isn't that far off anymore. Victor Velicko writes: It (lwcad c4d) is very much alive. As I wrote in this thread, it was necessary to finalize new Mesh TR first. R23 version is already recompiled, now fixing bunch of reported bugs from last couple months. And I want to also update some UI things, which bothers me the most. So R23 version will go out soon. And then you can expect the first bunch of floor-plan tools with the next version. Maybe even this year, if there will be no big delays. Developme
  21. In AE when jou have a line drawing roughen edges and wiggle wil l render a neat distortion of the image. I you have vector paths you can use wiggle path too. Try animating the paper underneath it also with a little crumple. here's alink to a ae tutorial https://youtu.be/I8-MwiPuzlI Philip
  22. And i am, great tip bezo!
  23. In the end i find that a boolean of the plate with each extruded jigsaw piece works best in this case.


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