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  1. Can you teach me how to use the 'Borrowed edge' method? Attaching my working file. WallmountedPhone.c4d
  2. I got it. Can you teach me how to make the sharp corner?
  3. I think I solved it. Since I updated my SSD...I just needed to deactivate and reactivate Redshift license. It is working correctly now. Thanks,
  4. I just followed what you did. Then I got result in like this attached below. I think I am a better now. But I have a question...How to end up making the backplate of phone? I've tried it...the corner seems to be not right though...
  5. I've tried what you told me. But...It is still black...
  6. I updated GPU drivers...but it is still not working.
  7. They are always completely black...
  8. Yes...My Redshift is up to date. what do you mean that 'material previews render only, when IPR is not running'?
  9. Does anyone know how to fix Redshift black material preview? I already checked the box ‘Refresh Material Previews Automatically’
  10. I will take a look. I always appreciate you!
  11. Did you make the mesh like this tutorial ?
  12. I'd like to start it from this simple shape I made...Is it possible?
  13. But I don't understand what you've explained...did you add Subdivision Surface on it? I'd like to see basic shape to understand better...
  14. How did you make the disk shape + Rectangular shape?
  15. But...I don't understand what you are talking about... I was just trying to keep rectangular shape to get right topology...
  16. Can you share your working file with me?
  17. Can you help me on modeling this shape? The arc shape is so hard....Thanks,
  18. Hi guys, I have a question. Is there anyway I can keep the parent's axis when I rotate the child? Please see the attached video below. Thank so much! C4D.mp4
  19. Hi guys, are there any 3D Design or Motion Graphic Design competitions that can be entered individually or as a team? Thanks, Jae
  20. Can you share your working file with me? A lot of help. Thanks!


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